All-region teams: North Oconee’s Wilson named player of the year in 8-4A

Here is the all-region team for 8-4A, as voted by the league’s coaches:

Player of the year: QB Max Wilson, North Oconee, Sr.

Offensive player of the year: RB/QB Camden Smith, Madison County, Sr.

Defensive player of the year: DB Brooks Thompson, North Oconee, Sr.

Special teams player of the year: PK/P J.J. Poole, North Oconee, Sr.

Lineman of the year: OL/DL Alex Day, East Forsyth, Sr.

Athlete of the year: WR/DB Landon Roldan, North Oconee, Jr.

Ironman player of the year: TE/DE Ryan Graves, Cherokee Bluff, Sr.

Coach of the year: Tyler Aurandt, North Oconee

First-team offense

QB - Jamarcus Harrison, East Hall, So.

QB - Tanner Marsh, North Hall, Sr.

RB - Emadd Howard, Walnut Grove, Jr.

RB - Conner Hulsey, Cherokee Bluff, Sr.

RB - Tripp Morris, East Forsyth, Sr.

RB - Tate Titshaw, North Oconee, Sr.

WR - Devin Hester, Cedar Shoals, Sr.

WR - Chasen Jones, East Hall, So.

WR - Will Moffitt, East Forsyth, Sr.

WR - Ryals Puryear, North Hall, Sr.

TE - Jack Kelly, North Oconee, Sr.

TE - Breckan Kirby, North Hall, Sr.

TE - Luke Waterworth, North Oconee, Sr.

OL - Jose Balver, Cedar Shoals, Sr.

OL - Cade Cagle, North Oconee, Sr.

OL - Alex Contreras, Chestatee, Sr.

OL - Mitchell Dunlap, East Forsyth, Sr.

OL - Charlie House, North Hall, Jr.

OL - Mason McGill, North Hall, So.

OL - Parker Waldrop, Cherokee Bluff, Sr.

OL - Braxton Waller, Madison County, Sr.

OL - Rick Wiggins, East Forsyth, Jr.

OL - Caleb Williford, Cherokee Bluff, Sr.

First-team defense

DL - Sazo Dolyhigh, Chestatee, Sr.

DL - Carson Dominey, North Oconee, Sr.

DL - D’Lante Overstreet, Walnut Grove, Jr.

DL - Landon Potter, North Hall, Sr.

DL - Jaylan Ransom, Cedar Shoals, Sr.

DL - Nicholas Smith, Walnut Grove, Jr.

ILB - Mack Brice, North Oconee, Sr.

ILB - Cameron Frady, East Forsyth, Sr.

ILB - Connor Griffin, Cherokee Bluff, Jr.

ILB - Trey Lenhardt, North Oconee, Sr.

OLB - Jeffrey Bailey, Cedar Shoals, So.

OLB - Khamari Brooks, North Oconee, So.

OLB - Trey Patterson, North Hall, Sr.

OLB - Caysen Goss, Chestatee, Jr.

S - Ty Corbin, Cherokee Bluff, Sr.

S - Cole Ferguson, East Forsyth, Sr.

S - Conner Free, North Hall, Sr.

S - Kayden Scott, Cedar Shoals, Sr.

S - Cameron Selman, Walnut Grove, Jr.

CB - Clarens Decelien, East Forsyth, Sr.

CB - Tanaka Mukono, Cherokee Bluff, Sr.

CB - Damoni Taylor, North Oconee, Sr.

CB - Jace Williams, Cedar Shoals, Sr.

First-team special teams

PK - Michael Arbour, Cherokee Bluff, Sr.

PK - Jackson Andrews, Walnut Grove, So.

RET - Cannon Hunter, East Forsyth, Sr.

Second-team offense

QB - Brock Szakacs, East Forsyth, Jr.

QB - Asher Wilson, Cherokee Bluff, Sr.

RB - Lukas Pruitt, East Hall, So.

RB - Tate Ruth, North Hall, Sr.

RB - Zahkari Shiflet, Madison County, Sr.

WR - Brayden Clark, Madison County, So.

WR - Caden Daniels, East Hall, Jr.

WR - Braylon Jackson, Cherokee Bluff, So.

WR - Kayden Miller, Walnut Grove, Jr.

TE - Wyatt Morris, Madison County, Sr.

TE - Jack Moss, Walnut Grove, So.

TE - Jackson Norman, East Forsyth, So.

OL - Nate Brazier, Chestatee, Sr.

OL - Brenden Carlson, Chestatee, So.

OL - Brady Collier, Madison County, Jr.

OL - Noah Davis, Cherokee Bluff, Sr.

OL - Kade Hawthorne, North Hall, So.

OL - Will Huntsinger, Madison County, Sr.

OL - Jake Jones, East Hall, Sr.

OL - Cam McCullers, North Oconee, Sr.

OL - Danaeiz Samaniego, Walnut Grove, Jr.

OL - Walker Simmons, Madison County, Sr.

OL - Justin Smith, Madison County, Jr.

Second-team defense

DL - Matthew Arceo, North Hall, So.

DL - Aaron Brock, East Hall, Jr.

DL - Jack Hamilton, Cherokee Bluff, Sr.

DL - Azyon Morrison, East Hall, Jr.

DL - Nathan Richardson, Cherokee Bluff, Sr.

ILB - Parker Carlton, North Hall, So.

ILB - Bryson Drake, Madison County, Sr.

ILB - Zeke Harris, North Hall, Sr.

ILB - Troy Hoover, East Forsyth, Jr.

ILB - Ben Plemmons, Chestatee, So.

OLB - Rylan Ackerman, Cherokee Bluff, Jr.

OLB - Zach Esters, Madison County, Sr.

OLB - Jerimiah Foote, East Forsyth, Jr.

OLB - Jake Moss, Walnut Grove, So.

OLB - Garrett Smith, Madison County, Fr.

S - Casen Duggins, Madison County, Sr.

S - Landen Kemp, Cherokee Bluff, Jr.

S - Ely Raines, Chestatee, Sr.

S - Parker Worley, East Hall, Jr.

CB - Charlie Bradshaw, Chestatee, Jr.

CB - Da’Shun Brown, Madison County, So.

CB - Mason Kerrick, North Hall, Sr.

CB - Josh Peart, Walnut Grove, Sr.

Second-team special teams

PK - Daniel Nerey, East Forsyth, Sr.

PK - Parker Dale, North Hall, Sr.

RET - Jayden Hernandez, East Hall, Sr.

All-hard knocks team: (“All-region players that had seasons cut short due to injury”) Delsin Grindle, East Hall; Alex Hamby, North Oconee; Jevon Harrison, East Hall; Gus Martin, East Forsyth; Gage Reese, Chestatee; Justus Robinson, Chestatee; K.T. Thompson, Cherokee Bluff

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