All-region teams: McDowell named 1-6A player of year

Lee County's Caleb McDowell (5) outruns Tristan Thompson of River Ridge (54) as he's headed to the end zone for a touchdown in Friday's Class 6A state quarterfinal.
Lee County's Caleb McDowell (5) outruns Tristan Thompson of River Ridge (54) as he's headed to the end zone for a touchdown in Friday's Class 6A state quarterfinal.

Credit: Daniel Varnado/Special to the AJC

Credit: Daniel Varnado/Special to the AJC

Here is the all-region team for 1-6A, as voted by the leagues’ coaches:

Player of the year: Caleb McDowell, Lee County, Sr.

Offensive player of the year: Tajh Sanders, Valdosta, Jr.

Defensive player of the year: Baron Hopson, Lee County, Sr.

Athlete of the year: Chauncey Magwood, Lee County, Sr.

Specialist of the year: Luke Rigby, Houston County, Jr.

Coach of the year: Dean Fabrizio, Lee County

First-team offense

OL - Trey Cameron, Northside (Warner Robins), Sr.

OL - Chandler Strong, Houston County, Jr.

OL - Jeffrey Bryan, Lee County, Sr.

OL - Qae’shon Sapp, Lee County, Jr.

OL - Jaquez White, Valdosta, Sr.

WR - Jamonte Sherman, Valdosta, Sr.

WR - Aalah Brown, Valdosta, Sr.

WR - Justin Luke, Northside (Warner Robins), Sr.

WR - Centavious Lowe, Northside (Warner Robins), Jr.

RB - Preston Simmons, Lee County, Sr.

RB - Tyler Williams, Houston County, Sr.

FB - Damarion Roberts, Lee County, Jr.

TE - Tyrus Washington, Lee County, Jr.

QB - Amari Jones, Valdosta, Jr.

First-team defense

DL - Eric Sanders, Lee County, Sr.

DL - Josh Hill, Valdosta, Sr.

DL - Jaidyn Rumph, Northside (Warner Robins), Sr.

DL - Jayleem Santos, Houston County, Sr.

LB - Jaylin Alderman, Valdosta, Sr.

LB - Jacques McGowan, Valdosta, Jr.

LB - CJ Radford, Northside (Warner Robins), Sr.

LB - Juwan Bailey, Lee County, Jr.

DB - Ty Glanton, Northside (Warner Robins), Jr.

DB - Jadarian Ryhm, Valdosta, Jr.

DB - John Brown, Valdosta, Sr.

DB - Quavian Carter, Lee County, Jr.

DB - Jaron Willis, Lee County, Jr.

DB - Caleb Coley, Houston County, Jr.

First-team specialists

Punter - Adam Lemond, Northside (Warner Robins), Sr.

Kicker - Angel Martinez, Valdosta, Jr.

Snapper - Ronnie Thomas, Houston County, Jr.

Second-team offense

OL - Quinton Lewis, Northside (Warner Robins), Sr.

OL - Scott Rhodes, Houston County, Sr.

OL - Owen Greene, Lee County, Jr.

OL - Zach Cleveland, Lee County, Sr.

OL - Mark Audain, Valdosta, Sr.

OL - Zach Lyle, Houston County, Jr.

WR - DJ Goodwin, Lee County, Sr.

WR - JD Fugerson, Lee County, So.

WR - Jack Honrath, Houston County, Sr.

WR - Chris Wolfe, Valdosta, Jr.

RB - Terrell Denson, Valdosta, Jr.

RB - Jaylen Cephus, Northside (Warner Robins), Sr.

RB - Simeon Askew, Houston County, Jr.

FB - Andrew Mackey, Houston County, Jr.

TE - Jordan Clay, Northside (Warner Robins), Sr.

QB - Elijah Robinson, Northside (Warner Robins), Jr.

Second-team defense

DL - Malik Brackins, Lee County, Jr.

DL - Chris McLain, Valdosta, Sr.

DL - Oliver Prater, Northside (Warner Robins), Sr.

DL - Omar White, Lee County, Fr.

DL - Larry Fields, Houston County, Jr.

DL - Hunter Rizer, Houston County, Jr.

LB - Micah Thurman, Northside (Warner Robins), Jr.

LB - Ty Lewis, Valdosta, Jr.

LB - Anthony McGrady, Lee County, Sr.

LB - Jayson Hodges, Houston County, Sr.

DB - Cedric Wynn, Lee County, Sr.

DB - AJ Patrick, Lee County, Sr.

DB - Rico Ogburn, Northside (Warner Robins), So.

DB - Cam Stewart, Houston County, Sr.

DB - Max Cherelus, Valdosta, Sr.

Second-team specialists

Punter - Wyatt Hurst, Lee County, Jr.

Kicker - Alex Collins, Lee County, Jr.

Snapper - Jacob Osborne, Lee County, Jr.

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