All-region teams: Lee County’s Kromah selected as 1-6A player of the year

Credit: For the AJC

Credit: For the AJC

Here is the all-region team for 1-6A, as voted by the leagues’ coaches:

Player of the year: RB Ousmane Kromah, Lee County, So.

Offensive players of the year: QB A.J. Hill, Houston County, So.; and QB Sam Brown, Thomas County Central, Sr.

Defensive players of the year: DL Javion Revels, Thomas County Central, Sr.; and OLB/DE Tyler Williams, Northside (Warner Robins), Sr.

Athletes of the year: WR/CB Damare Franklin, Veterans, Sr.; and WR Tyler Floyd, Thomas County Central, Sr.

Offensive lineman of the year: Quinton Lewis, Northside (Warner Robins), Sr.

Specialist of the year: PK/P Ashton Paredes, Northside (Warner Robins), Sr.

Coach of the year: Justin Rogers, Thomas County Central

First-team offense

QB - Jake Maxwell, Veterans, Jr.

RB - Ryan Taleb, Houston County, Jr.

RB - Ricky Fulton, Thomas County Central, Sr.

RB - Trey Brenton, Thomas County Central, Jr.

RB - Damian Moate, Tift County, Jr.

WR - Jevell Fugerson, Lee County, Sr.

WR - Duke McClinton, Northside (Warner Robins), Sr.

WR - Kale Woodburn, Houston County, Jr.

WR - Ricky Johnson, Houston County, Jr.

WR - Adam Hopkins, Thomas County Central, Sr.

WR - Preston Bird, Veterans, Jr.

TE - Brandon Wilson, Northside (Warner Robins), Sr.

TE - Malachi Thomas, Thomas County Central, Jr.

OL - Brandon Sauls, Thomas County Central, Sr.

OL - Lee Deebo, Thomas County Central, Sr.

OL - R.J. Belflower, Northside (Warner Robins), Sr.

OL - Khalil House, Houston County, Jr.

OL - Kylen House, Houston County, Sr.

First-team defense

DL - Isaiah Harvey, Northside (Warner Robins), Sr.

DL - Xavier Ryan, Houston County, Jr.

DL - Leroy Jackson, Lee County, Jr.

DL - Jaydon Cory, Lee County, Jr.

DL - Jacoiley Nathan, Tift County, Sr.

LB - Mikell Roberts, Northside (Warner Robins), Sr.

LB - Brandon Walden, Houston County, Jr.

LB - Jaron Benjamin, Veterans, Sr.

LB - Temirez Williams, Lee County, Jr.

LB - Jase Angry, Lee County, Jr.

LB - Caleb Anderson, Thomas County Central, Jr.

LB - Tywon Christopher, Thomas County Central, Jr.

DB - Ricardo Jones, Northside (Warner Robins), Jr.

DB - Dee Reddick, Thomas County Central, So.

DB - Quincy Clark, Thomas County Central, Sr.

DB - Kason Hooks, Lee County, Sr.

DB - Devin Collier, Lee County, Jr.

DB - Zamorian Brown, Tift County, Jr.

DB - Sam Mitchell, Veterans, Jr.

First-team specialists

P - Hayden Morales, Thomas County Central, Jr.

PK - Wyatt Waddell, Lee County, Sr.

LS - Brice Hopper, Thomas County Central, Sr.

Second-team offense

QB - Weston Bryan, Lee County, So.

WR - Keron Milton, Northside (Warner Robins), Jr.

WR - Tyler Parker, Tift County, Sr.

WR - Recordo Tarver, Houston County, Jr.

WR - Tre’Von Pringle, Thomas County Central, Fr.

WR - Deshawn Hooten, Northside (Warner Robins), Sr.

RB - Micheal McLendon, Northside (Warner Robins), Sr.

RB - Demani Cantrell, Lee County, Jr.

TE - Ryan Mackey, Houston County, Jr.

TE - Mychal Stillwell, Veterans, Jr.

OL - Kyle Greene, Lee County, Jr.

OL - Angel Fausto, Lee County, Jr.

OL - Bobby Royal, Northside (Warner Robins), Jr.

OL - Ty Brown, Thomas County Central, Jr.

OL - Riley Frasu, Thomas County Central, Jr.

OL - Luke Willhide, Houston County, Jr.

OL - Brian Williams, Veterans, So.

OL - Brian Nguyen, Veterans, Jr.

OL - Tyrese Brown, Tift County, Sr.

Second-team defense

DL - Judd Perdue, Veterans, So.

DL - Kane Byrd, Veterans, So.

DL - Camron Brooks, Thomas County Central, Fr.

DL - D.J. Hardy, Northside (Warner Robins), Sr.

LB - Dezmond Jones, Thomas County Central, Sr.

LB - E.J. Nobles, Houston County, Jr.

LB - Jonta Strozier, Tift County, Sr.

LB - J.C. Coney, Northside (Warner Robins), Jr.

DB - Arthur Brown, Houston County, Sr.

DB - J.D. Smith, Houston County, Jr.

DB - Tion Garman, Lee County, Jr.

DB - Devin Ross, Thomas County Central, Jr.

DB - Jamari Shines, Northside (Warner Robins), Sr.

DB - Jaquavion Turner, Northside (Warner Robins), Jr.

DB - Anthony Morley, Veterans, Sr.

Second-team specialists

PK - Brayden Black, Veterans, So.

P - Antonio Gomez, Tift County, Sr.

LS - Lake Wilson, Lee County, Sr.

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