All-region teams: Fellowship’s Reeves earns 6-A Private player of the year award

Here is the all-region team for 6-A Private, as voted by the league’s coaches:

Region 6-A Private

Player of the year: RB Murphy Reeves, Fellowship Christian, Sr.

Offensive player of the year: QB Coleman Smith, Mount Pisgah Christian, Sr.

Defensive player of the year: DB Ethan Joseph, King’s Ridge Christian, Jr.

Lineman of the year: G/DE Nick Jackson, Mount Pisgah Christian, Sr.

Coach of the year: Al Morrell, Fellowship Christian

First-team offense

QB - Jesse Whiting, Lakeview Academy, Sr.

RB - Gianni Dorsey, St. Francis, Sr.

RB - Ben Puckett, Lakeview Academy, Sr.

WR - Nick Speros, Mount Pisgah Christian, Sr.

WR - Sam Perrott, Lakeview Academy, Jr.

WR/TE - Cole Spence, Mount Pisgah Christian, Jr.

TE - Brady Niblock, Fellowship Christian, Sr.

OL - Charlie Patterson, Fellowship Christian, Sr.

OL - Reid Robinson, Fellowship Christian, Sr.

OL - David Bertrand, Mount Pisgah Christian, Sr.

OL - Linger Gao, Mount Pisgah Christian, Sr.

OL - Christian Haynes, Lakeview Academy, Fr.

Ath - Eli Hildebrandt, Fellowship Christian, Sr.

First-team defense

DL - Joey Archer, Fellowship Christian, Sr.

DL - Sean Michael-Sargent, Fellowship Christian, So.

DL - Parker Allen, Lakeview Academy, Sr.

ILB - Nathan Nardone, Fellowship Christian, Sr.

ILB - Caleb McClung, Fellowship Christian, Sr.

ILB - Luke Cooper, Lakeview Academy, So.

ILB - Dean Giacobbe, King’s Ridge Christian, Jr.

ILB - Joy Chane, Mount Pisgah Christian, So.

OLB - Lawson Haigler, Fellowship Christian, Sr.

OLB - Jayven Hall, Fellowship Christian, So.

OLB - Happy Chane, Mount Pisgah Christian, So.

OLB - Landon Hanes, Lakeview Academy, So.

DB - Garrett Sutherland, Mount Pisgah Christian, Sr.

DB - Josh Cole, Fellowship Christian, Jr.

DB - Kyle Elphick, Fellowship Christian, So.

DB - Brad Spence, Mount Pisgah Christian, Sr.

DB - Jordan Brewer, Fellowship Christian, Sr.

Athlete - Josh Flynn, King’s Ridge Christian, Jr.

First-team specialists

K - Logan Hewlett, King’s Ridge Christian, Jr.

P - Owen Lindsay, Mount Pisgah Christian, Sr.

LS - Caleb McClung, Fellowship Christian, Sr.

Second-team offense

RB - Zachery Pitts, King’s Ridge Christian, Jr.

RB - Fisher Edwards, King’s Ridge Christian, So.

WR - Camden Lusk, St. Francis, So.

WR - Clay Shepler, Fellowship Christian, So.

WR - Gabe Carter, Mount Pisgah Christian, Sr.

WR - Skyler Thellman, Lakeview Academy, Sr.

OL - Mason Dailey, St. Francis, So.

OL - Elias Cloy, St. Francis, So.

OL - John Howley, St. Francis, Jr.

OL - Everett Gansereit, Mount Pisgah Christian, Sr.

OL - Aaron Kruse, Mount Pisgah Christian, So.

OL - Noah Smith, King’s Ridge Christian, Jr.

OL - Calen Nichols, Fellowship Christian, So.

Second-team defense

DL - Jabriel Muhammad, St. Francis, So.

DL - Hamil Owens, Lakeview Academy, Jr.

DL - Jack Williams, Lakeview Academy, Sr.

DL - Cole Chapman, Fellowship Christian, Sr.

DL - Sean Ainsworth, Mount Pisgah Christian, Jr.

ILB - Marcellus Hazelton, St. Francis, Sr.

OLB - Riley Bennett, Mount Pisgah Christian, Sr.

OLB - Bodie Blackwell, Lakeview Academy, Sr.

OLB - Quentin Grimes, King’s Ridge Christian, So.

DB - Al Geiger, St. Francis, So.

DB - Tyler Peck, Lakeview Academy, Sr.

DB - Moose Washburne, Fellowship Christian, Sr.

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