All-region teams: Effingham’s Butts named 2-6A player of the year

Credit: Stan Awtrey

Credit: Stan Awtrey

Here is the all-region team for 2-6A, as voted by the league’s coaches:

Player of the year:

RB/LB A.J. Butts, Effingham County, Sr.

Defensive player of the year:

LB Peyton Parker, Glynn Academy, Sr.

Offensive player of the year:

QB Nate Hayes, Effingham County, Sr.

Special teams player of the year:

PK/P Tyler Wallace, Evans, Jr.

Coach of the year:

John Ford, Effingham County

First-team offense

QB - Ty Jones, Lakeside (Evans), Jr.

QB - Jayden Ellis, Glynn Academy, Jr.

RB - B.J. Grissom, Lakeside (Evans), Jr.

RB - Willie Butler, Glynn Academy, Sr.

RB - Jamarious Towns, Brunswick, Jr.

WR - Tyler Perry, Evans, Sr.

WR - Marques Fobbs, Grovetown, Jr.

WR - T.J. Mitchell, Brunswick, Sr.

WR - Steven Pickett, Lakeside (Evans), Sr.

WR - David Prince, Glynn Academy, Sr.

HB/TE - Jack Thexton, Lakeside (Evans), Jr.

HB/TE - Heze Kent, Brunswick, So.

OL - Mason Short, Evans, Jr.

OL - Stephen Heard, Evans, Sr.

OL - Dylan Usry, Lakeside (Evans), Sr.

OL - Brady Meglan, Effingham County, Sr.

OL - Ashton Anderson, South Effingham, Sr.

OL - Max Poysky, Glynn Academy, Sr.

OL - Kevin Castillo, Grovetown, Sr.

OL - Jack Hunt, Brunswick, Sr.

ATH - Rayshaun King, Evans, Sr.

First-team defense

DL - Justin Barnes, Lakeside (Evans), Sr.

DL - Joe Polite, Effingham County, Jr.

DL - Quay Evans, Glynn Academy, Jr.

DL - River Creel, Brunswick, Sr.

DL - Jack Herrington, Evans, Jr.

ILB - Jacob Jackson, Evans, Sr.

ILB - Bryson Horton, Effingham County, Jr.

ILB - Jeremiah Washington, South Effingham, Sr.

ILB - Davontae Lang, Glynn Academy, Sr.

ILB - J’shawn Towns, Brunswick, Jr.

OLB/SS - Jameaz Cope-Effingham County, Sr.

OLB/SS - Devin Smith, Brunswick, Sr.

OLB/SS - Trent Tankersley, Glynn Academy, Sr.

DB - Gary Cooper, Effingham County, Sr.

DB - Dominic Martell, South Effingham, Sr.

DB - Ryan Young, Glynn Academy, Sr.

DB - Mikeal Grissom, Lakeside (Evans), Jr.

DB - Marshan Turner, Glynn Academy, Sr.

PK - McClain Fineran, Brunswick, Sr.

P - Carter Tucker, Glynn Academy, Jr.

LS - Landon Ethridge, Brunswick, So.

Second-team offense

OL - Allen Morris, Evans, Jr.

OL - Gus VonBurg, Lakeside (Evans), Sr.

OL - Shane Alvin, South Effingham, Sr.

OL - Ayaan Sharfudeen, Lakeside (Evans), Jr.

OL - Chase Richardson, Brunswick, So.

OL - Harrison Knight, Glynn Academy, Jr.

OL - Phillip Lee, Grovetown, So.

OL - Josh Ford, Effingham County, Jr.

QB - Grant Moore, Brunswick, So.

HB/TE - Camden Myers, Evans, Jr.

HB/TE - Deuce Hidalgo, Glynn Academy, Jr.

RB - Jayden Evans, Effingham County, Sr.

RB - Gannon White, South Effingham, Sr.

RB - Caleb Jackson, Lakeside (Evans), Sr.

RB - Williams Heck, Brunswick, Jr.

WR - Solomon Humphreys, Lakeside (Evans), Jr.

WR - Q. King, Effingham County, Jr.

WR - Ryan Wells, Effingham County, Jr.

WR - Waseem Murray, Brunswick, Fr.

WR - Aubrey Heath, South Effingham, Sr.

WR - Dontevius Williams, Evans, Sr.

Second-team defense

DL - Josh Young, Lakeside (Evans), Jr.

DL - Zion Spruill, Lakeside (Evans), Sr.

DL - Christian Dillon, Effingham County, Sr.

DL - Jaiden Washburn, South Effingham, Jr.

DL - Camden Wilson, Glynn Academy, Sr.

DL - Donyea Broughton, Brunswick, Sr.

ILB - Chase Whittle, South Effingham, Sr.

ILB - Michael Daniels Jr., Brunswick, So.

ILB - Anthony Chermak, Lakeside (Evans), Sr.

ILB - Toreco Harper, Grovetown, Jr.

OLB/SS - Caleb Washington, Grovetown, Sr.

OLB/SS - Corbin Velez, Lakeside (Evans), Jr.

OLB/SS - Jayden Marzette, Effingham County, Jr.

OLB/SS - Gavin Wells, Glynn Academy, Sr.

OLB/SS - Jeremy Howard, Evans, So.

DB - Anterriyon Moore, Evans, Sr.

DB - A.J. Glasper, Grovetown, Sr.

DB - Parth Patel, Lakeside (Evans), Sr.

DB - Damion Gordon, Effingham County, Jr.

DB - Tyree Chisolm, Glynn Academy, So.

DB - Taivon Gadson, Brunswick, Sr.

PK - Will Brandenburg, Lakeside (Evans), So.

P - Tyler Quick, South Effingham, Sr.

LS - Mason Davis, Lakeside (Evans), Sr.

Honorable mention: QB - E.J. Hogan, Evans; Amare Clark, Grovetown; Kaden DeGenaro, South Effingham; Jarrod Elkins, Brunswick. RB - Jaden Howard, Grovetown; DaMyon McFarlin, South Effingham; Kadin Ward, South Effingham. HB/TE - A.J. Jackson, Grovetown; Zack Webb, Effingham County; Zack Harbin, Effingham County; Michael Torello, Glynn Academy. WR - Damon Edwards, Grovetown; Ashton Troutman, South Effingham; Zack Gant, Effingham County; Lamar Roberts, Effingham County; Daron Monroe, Brunswick; Ronald Spradley, Brunswick; Sean Wallace, Glynn Academy; Zebulon Wallace, Glynn Academy. OL - Caziah Alston, Glynn Academy; Josh Baker, Glynn Academy; Benton Dyal, Glynn Academy; Anthony Chermak, Lakeside (Evans); Cooper Flanders, Lakeside (Evans); Justin Tillman, Evans; Trace Wright, Effingham County; Berry Randolph, Effingham County; Tau Quarterman, Effingham County; Peyton Kirby, South Effingham; Kasiyah Charlton, Brunswick. DL - Malcom Williams, Grovetown; David Morrison, Grovetown; Anselm Green, Effingham County; Kosygin Huff, Evans; Lance Brown, Brunswick; Da’One West, Evans; Quantavious Green, Glynn Academy. ILB - Bryson Crewe, Evans; Andrew Pye, Lakeside (Evans); James Craig, Grovetown; Caleb Butler, Brunswick; Xavier James, Brunswick. OLB/SS - Jeremiah Robbins, Brunswick; Jamil Manou, Grovetown; Chandler Owens, Glynn Academy; DB - Cole Taylor, Evans; Norman Harden (Evans); SaQuan Marshall, Lakeside (Evans); Jmere Doe-Davis, Effingham County; D.J. Bartley, Effingham County; Javarri Williams, Effingham County; Ty’ler Sams, Brunswick; Aviyon Addison, Brunswick; Bruce Edwards, Glynn Academy. P - Nathan Garza, Grovetown. LS - Jeb Carson, Glynn Academy

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