4 Questions with WJCL-TV Savannah sports director Frank Sulkowski

Frank Sulkowski joined WJCL News in Savannah as sports director in 2006.
Frank Sulkowski joined WJCL News in Savannah as sports director in 2006.

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Today’s interviewee is Frank Sulkowski, sports director of WJCL-TV in Savannah since 2006. Two Savannah teams – Benedictine in Class 4A and Calvary Day in Class A Private – are ranked No. 2 in their classes and are playing home games Friday in the quarterfinals. Benedictine is facing No. 1 Marist at Savannah Memorial Stadium. Calvary plays No. 4 Fellowship Christian at Calvary’s home field, M.C. Anderson Field.

Frank Sulkowski, WJCL-TV (Savannah) sports director

1. What’s the buzz this week surrounding Benedictine and Calvary Day, especially the Benedictine-Marist game, which is No. 1 vs. No. 2 and the defending champion coming to town? “The Benedictine-Marist game is huge, but maybe not getting the full exposure locally as it would normally get. Having Calvary Day right down the street also hosting an Elite Eight game has folks around Savannah buzzing. Two local teams separated by just a couple miles playing such meaningful games at home is unique. Usually this time of year, the Savannah area might have a team or two still playing in the postseason, but in Benedictine and Calvary Day, Chatham County has two legit squads that could win state championships. It’s been a fun season here on the coast.”

2. What should fans know about Benedictine this season? You’ve seen two previous Benedictine teams that won state titles (2012, 2014). Is this just another Benedictine team that could win the title, which is never surprising, or is there something potentially special about this one? “The 2021 Cadets fall right into line with the 2012 and 2014 squads. Veteran quarterbacks with play makers at the skill positions. Oh, and defense. Really, really good defense.”

3. Benedictine QB Holden Geriner is probably the most high-profile player in Savannah. He’s committed to Auburn. Where does he stand in Savannah QB history? “Make no bones about it, Holden Geriner is an amazing high school quarterback. Sounds cliché, but for Benedictine, it’s like having a coach on the field. Geriner is so smart and doesn’t make too many mistakes. He knows how to get the ball into the hands of the playmakers. He will go down as one of the best signal callers to come out of the Savannah area.”

4. What about Calvary Day? What impresses you about them? “What makes Calvary Day so impressive is their physical size for a Class A Private school. Head coach Mark Stroud has a talented bunch and a group that has played a lot of games together. Also, remember the name Donovan Johnson. This young man is just a freshman but plays like a grown man. As a running back, he runs through and around defenders. Quarterback Jake Merklinger is just a sophomore but already has all the tools of a blue-chip guy.”

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