4 Questions with Newton head coach Josh Skelton


Today’s interviewee is first-year Newton coach Josh Skelton, whose team is 4-0 while allowing 3.5 points per game entering Friday’s matchup against No. 7 Westlake. Skelton is a former defensive back at Stephenson and Jacksonville State who came to Newton in 2012 out of college. He was promoted from offensive coordinator in the offseason.

1. Talk about your journey to becoming Newton’s head coach. What kept you at Newton so long? What was your career plan? “This year makes year 11, and it has been a lot of hard work and dedication to these boys. It has been amazing to learn from Coach Allen [Cortez Allen, who hired Skelton] and Coach Grant [Camiel Grant, whom Skelton succeeded]. The environment has kept me at Newton because it is unmatched. The community, the kids and the administrators are amazing, and they support the football team well. My thought process has always been to be the best I can be in the moment.”

2. How have you put your own imprint onto the program? What has your game plan been for getting the program to a higher level? “I leave my imprint just by pushing these boys to be the best they can. Whether it’s workouts or practice, I try to motivate them as much as possible. My goals have been to increase the resources and relationships with others that will benefit my program in the long run, to help with the players’ nutrition and the weight room program that will have them ready and to give them confidence before every game so they can go out there and give their best.”

3. Westlake will be your toughest opponent so far. What do they possess that presents the biggest challenge? “Our biggest challenge will be that they have an overall good team with their athleticism and speed. They are also well-coached. Our scouting report is to win the turnover margin and to eliminate big special-team plays and to just play Newton football.”

4. What’s the scouting report on your own team? What do you feel you do well, and what area needs to step up? “We are explosive on offense, and we try to take advantage of turnovers, and we play with a lot of effort. We also can quickly adjust the matchups from week to week. We have a great defensive team. We are very stingy and can defend their plays well. I think we can improve our in-game depth and the ability to have multiple strings.”

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