4 Questions with Hancock Central head coach Marleau Blount


Today’s interviewee is Hancock Central coach Marleau Blount, whose team clinched its first region championship in history last week with a 32-8 victory over Wilkinson County. Blount, in his fifth season as head coach, also led Hancock two years ago to its first winning season since 2006. With about 235 students, Hancock is the eighth-smallest public school playing football in the GHSA this season.

Marleau Blount, Hancock Central head coach

1. What does winning a region title mean for your team and community? “Winning this title means a lot for the recognition of the Hancock Central football program. That has been my sole intention since I came here is to build a football program. Hancock Central basketball is known around the state and the community, and those guys do a great job at it. The track team has been competitive in the state for the last 10 years. I’m just glad the football program is getting rewarded for their hard work.”

2. What would you want people to know about your team this season? “This is one of the best teams I have ever been a part of. The players lift each other up, and negativity is not tolerated. The players have been together since recreation and middle school. This a culmination of togetherness and structure. This team has exhibited leadership from several seniors and an expectation from the coaching staff, and the players are up to the challenge. We have great talent from all our skill players, but the offensive line has a pride for rushing yards and pass protection that will rival any skill guy.”

3. Hancock is one of the smallest football-playing schools in Georgia, and the county itself is one of the poorer economically. What must a coaching staff do to make a situation like that successful? “It takes a lot to run the football program. I have one of the smallest, hardest-working staffs in the country – Brandon Nolley, Cedric Taylor and Senario Barnes. All are graduates from HCHS, and it’s a labor of love and commitment. There is great pride in the Hancock community, and we are glad to present this title to them. We have new administration in the district and the building, and they are very supportive of the football team. We are growing together to make Hancock Central High School great in all areas. Hancock County is blessed with so much talent for a small area. We have 24 players on this team, but they all are willing to do whatever little part that is needed to win. But it takes so many pieces to put together a winning season and continued success for the coming years.”

4. You’ve been at Hancock a number of years, starting as an assistant before being promoted. What keeps you at Hancock? “Coaching good kids keep me at Hancock Central. We have some to the best kids here. And the opportunity to be a part of their lives makes it worth any of the challenges that come with small-town athletics. I have been coaching on some level since I was 20 years old. I love it.”

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