4 Questions with Football Friday Night radio show host Chris Beckham

August 21, 2021 Atlanta - Lowndes' QB Jacurri Brown (11) runs with the ball during the 2021 Corky Kell Classic on Saturday, August 21, 2021. (Hyosub Shin / Hyosub.Shin@ajc.com)
August 21, 2021 Atlanta - Lowndes' QB Jacurri Brown (11) runs with the ball during the 2021 Corky Kell Classic on Saturday, August 21, 2021. (Hyosub Shin / Hyosub.Shin@ajc.com)



Today’s interviewee is Chris Beckham, the host of the Chick-fil-A Football Friday Night radio show heard on several stations across south Georgia and online at www.valdostatoday.com. Beckham has been covering Georgia high school football for newspapers and radio for more than 30 years. He compiles statistics for Region 1-7A, which has a showdown Friday in Valdosta between Lowndes and Colquitt County.

Chris Beckham, host of Football Friday Night radio show

1. Lowndes vs. Colquitt County: Who would you favor in Friday’s game, and why? “Lowndes may have an edge at home. But this is a rivalry game, and I think the teams operate a lot differently, so it will be interesting to see how the matchups play out. Both teams have given up a lot of points when they play good teams, but they have been able to score a lot no matter who they play. I really think it’s going to be a close game with a turnover or a big play late in the game being the difference.”

2. What’s your impression of Lowndes this season? What’s good about them? What’s not so good? “Lowndes lost a lot of really good players from last year’s team, so I expected there would be some drop-off. I think offensively, they can play with anyone, and Jacurri Brown at quarterback is the reason for that. When you watch him play, he’s just at a different level and can turn a bad play into a big play quickly. Chase Belcher can be a difference maker too. Their inconsistency has been defensively. They have given up some big plays, and against an offense like Colquitt County, that could be the difference.”

3. Same with Colquitt. What’s good? What’s questionable? “I’ve been impressed with Colquitt County on offense, especially how young they are. The quarterback, Neko Fann, has been exceptional as a sophomore, and Charlie Pace has consistently put up big rushing numbers. And Fann has several receivers he can rely on. But like Lowndes, Colquitt County has been up and down on defense. If either of the defenses can step up to make some critical stops, that will be the difference. If not, they may play until midnight.”

4. Is either team as good as recent years, and can either seriously contend for a state title? Many in metro Atlanta believe that Collins Hill, North Cobb, Milton and Mill Creek have separated themselves from the pack in 7A. Is that fair, or not so fast? “I think the region is a little down from where it’s been in the past. I mean, you can look at what’s happened this year when 1-7A teams play other good teams from large classifications. I know most of those games were early in the year, but it still gives you some idea. Lowndes and Colquitt County can both score a lot points though, and if you can do that, you have a chance to beat anybody. And players that didn’t have a lot of experience early in the year may be a lot better now, so you can’t count them out. I think the teams you mentioned should be the favorites to win the state title, but nobody below the gnat line is waving a white flag yet.”

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