How to use the new Facebook reactions button

To access the five new reactions beyond the "like" button, users can hover over the "like" icon under a post as usual.

Six symbols will appear, and you can click on them to react to a post. When you hover over a reaction, a word will appear above it to let you know what the reaction means: "like," "ha ha," "love," "wow," "sad" and "angry."

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Users can change or remove the reaction by clicking it to the left of the comment button until it turns back into a like button. Click it again to remove the reaction completely.

Mobile users can tap and hold the like button and move a finger over the reaction they want to use.

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To change it, users can place a finger over the reaction they chose, which will be to the left of the comment button.

Here's a breakdown of what each symbol means:

Like: The original reaction to a Facebook post. With the new reactions, this just means you're fine with whatever post is shared.

Love: You really, really like a post. Or love it, even.

Haha: A post either made you laugh -- whether it was literally or just in your head -- or you think it's funny in some way.

Wow: You're amazed by this post. It was a cool recipe, viral video, an amazing sunset picture or something similar.

Sad: There's nothing to like about a post that makes you cry. A story about a friend's sick family member or pet warrants this reaction.

Angry: This is the closest that Facebook may get to the highly requested "dislike" button. If a post sparks outrage in you, react with this.

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