Speaker Nancy Pelosi weighs in on Marjorie Taylor Greene

WASHINGTON — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she is used to being called bad names and didn’t think much when Marjorie Taylor Greene called her a “bitch” during her victory speech on Tuesday night.

“Do you know how little attention I pay when the president of the United States called me horrible things? I don’t pay any attention to that,” Pelosi said during a news conference Thursday morning.

The speaker said Republicans have to grapple with how to treat their likely new member. Greene won a GOP runoff and now faces Democrat Kevin Van Ausdal in November. She is expected to win easily in Georgia’s heavily conservative 14th Congressional District and would become the first QAnon supporter in Congress.

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Fellow Republicans have said they plan to welcome her to the fold, although many have also expressed concern about Greene’s divisive speeches and internet videos. She continued the trend on Wednesday, posting baseless conspiracy theories on social media and sharing an account of a North Carolina boy’s shooting death that highlights the race of his alleged murderer.

Pelosi, a California Democrat, said Thursday that Republicans will have to decide if Greene is worthy of their acceptance. In the U.S. House, party leaders decide which committees their members will serve on. Last year, House Republicans stripped Iowa Rep. Steve King of all committee assignments after he made racist remarks and was reported to have ties to white nationalist.

“It’s a judgment to be made about them as to who they welcome into their ranks,” she said. “And again, we all have diversity of opinion, and that’s the beauty of the mix and Congress. But to have behavior that is beneath the dignity of the Congress, that is a judgment about them.”

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