Kemp announces more than $80 million in federal pandemic funding for Georgia school programs



Gov. Brian Kemp on Tuesday announced the first $80 million allocation for K-12 school and college programs from his Emergency Education Relief fund approved by Congress earlier this year as part of its coronavirus relief efforts.

The state will allocate:

. $29.3 million to provide school districts with more options to connect students to the internet, ensuring all schools have broadband signal extenders and expanding other options.

. $11.5 million to support mental health and student support services in the University System of Georgia.

. $10.4 million to provide more online courses and programs to technical college students.

. $10 million to support pandemic relief at private colleges, including historically black colleges.

. $3.3 million to expand construction training programs.

. $17 million to $19 million to expand childcare options for students ages 5-12 whose school systems have opted for virtual learning.

“I have made it clear that we will always work to keep Georgia student, teachers and administrators top of mind as we address educational needs in this state,” Kemp said. “With the allocation of these funds, we are building on that promise.”