Georgia voters say they’re motivated on Election Day

Credit: Adrianne Murchison

Credit: Adrianne Murchison

At the North Fulton Service Center in Sandy Springs, Carrie Schubert said she prefers voting on Election Day after seeing problems with early voting while living on the West Coast.

A two-year resident of Georgia, Schubert she’s concerned about high prices at the gas pump and grocery stores.

“I’ve just had it,” she complained. “I just think there’s a lot of hypocrisy when they tell you a woman has a right to choose, yet there wasn’t a choice when it came to the vaccine to be employed. Free choice should be across the board for everything.”

Voters said they had no problems at the North Fulton Service Center this morning and were able to get in and out quickly.

Credit: Adrianne Murchison

Credit: Adrianne Murchison

Amy Culpepper, who lives a mile away from the voting precinct and says it’s her duty to vote.

Culpepper said she has no concerns about the accuracy of vote counts in this year’s election. After the close presidential election two years ago, Georgia officials conducted a manual recount and a machine recount that showed Democrat Joe Biden had defeated Republican Donald Trump by about 12,000 votes.

“I don’t think there’s some broad voting conspiracy or anything,” she said.

Kayleigh Crossan, 31, lives across the street from her Sandy Springs precinct and said that as a swing state, Georgia can now make a difference nationally on important issues.

”I think our votes can really count now,” Crossan said.