Georgia Democrats celebrate Biden victory; Republicans say ‘not yet’

Georgia Democrats, including former President Jimmy Carter, shared words of joy and celebration after it became evident that Joe Biden would become the next president of the United States.

Republican elected officials were mostly silent, except for some of President Donald Trump’s most vocal supporters who said additional votes could turn the race in his favor. Congresswoman-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene and other conservatives repeated false claims the election was stolen though there’s no evidence of any wrongdoing and Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who oversees the state’s elections, says there are no widespread irregularities in Georgia.

The Associated Press and several media outlets declared Biden the president-elect after determining that his lead in Pennsylvania was insurmountable. A few states, including Georgia, have yet to be called.

Here is a round up of some of the reaction from Georgia political leaders:

President Jimmy Carter: “Rosalynn joins me in congratulating our friends President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. We are proud of their well-run campaign and look forward to seeing the positive change they bring to our nation.”

Stacey Abrams, former candidate for governor: “Congratulations, Mr. President-Elect! Georgians look forward to adding our votes to the total once all voices are heard — and together, we will restore the soul of this nation.”

Congresswoman-elect Nikema Williams, chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Georgia: “Voters decide."

Congresswoman-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Rome: “What we are seeing right now is an election being stolen. And I’m not going to stand for it. While many of our Republicans refuse to stand up and speak the truth. I refuse to power down. I’m fighting hard for President Trump. I’m fighting hard for every vote to count in Georgia.”

Congressman Jody Hice, R-Monroe: “The mainstream media — on behalf of their Democrat pals — are trying to convince the American people this is already over. It’s not! They spent 4 years refusing to admit @realDonaldTrump won 2016 but don’t want to allow even a few days to ensure every legal vote is counted!”

Congressman Hank Johnson, D-Lithonia: “The blue wave is real in Georgia y’all! Don’t play with us! But the work isn’t done. As we continue to support real leadership in @JoeBiden it’s time to show up and show out for @ossoff & @ReverendWarnock.”

Conservative attorney Lin Wood. of Atlanta: “Be patient. Wait. It will take time. The key is to get it right. Biden has not been elected President by We The People. Media lies do not elect The President. Every lie will be revealed. The coup will fail. Pray. #FightBack for @realDonaldTrump”

Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich: “Brace yourself as entire national establishment rushes to embrace news media’s annointed President elect and we are lectured to forget five years of vicious attacks by Democrats and be nice and ‘work together’ while AOC and others publicly say they want to purge Trump supporters”

Rev. Raphael Warnock, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate: “Congratulations to @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris! It’s time to come together as one country, and create a better future for all our children. Love will always win.”

Jon Ossoff, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate: “Congratulations Joe and Kamala! It’s a new day and our potential is unlimited. Today we celebrate. Tomorrow we work. The future depends on victory in Georgia.”