Who is eligible for a COVID vaccine booster shot? When and where can I get it?


On Wednesday, President Joe Biden’s administration announced that soon people will be able to get a third COVID-19 booster shot.

The announcement of an extra dose of the COVID vaccine comes as the delta variant sweeps across the country causing spikes in cases, an increase in the number of people hospitalized due to the coronavirus and news that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration could soon approve the COVID vaccines already in emergency use.

Here are some things to know about the booster shot:

When will the third dose of the COVID vaccine happen?

Booster shots will begin as early as Sept. 20 once the FDA formally approves COVID vaccines.

As long as any of the vaccines are issued under an Emergency Use Authorization, no one but the FDA can recommend boosters. Earlier in August, Dr. Anthony Fauci announced his hope for the FDA's approval of the Pfizer shot in the coming weeks.

Who should get the COVID booster shot?

The current plan unveiled by Biden's administration would be for Americans who received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines to get a booster eight months after they become fully vaccinated.

Initial doses will go to those who were fully vaccinated earliest in the vaccine rollout, including health care providers, nursing home residents and other seniors. The administration plans to also begin delivering booster shots directly to residents of long-term facilities, according to a statement from the Department of Health and Human Services and other administration medical experts.

The FDA has already approved a third dose for people who are on medications or have diseases that suppress their immune system because they may not have gotten adequate protection from earlier doses of COVID-19 vaccine and are more likely to mount a response to an additional dose.

Where can I get the vaccine booster shot? Walgreens will take walk-ins.

Publix and CVS are taking online appointments for Moderna and Pfizer COVID booster shots for those eligible, while Walgreens will take walk-ins only, according to their websites.

Coronavirus dashboard for Georgia

More than 4,700 people in Georgia are currently hospitalized with COVID.

Around 49% of Georgians have received one dose of their COVID vaccine. About 42% of residents have been fully vaccinated.COVID-19 vaccines are available for anyone 12 and older in the state.

Find out what else is happening in the state or your county concerning COVID here.

GA COVID-19 vaccine tracker:

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