Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin campaigns for David Perdue in Savannah ahead of Georgia primary

Credit: Will Peebles

Credit: Will Peebles

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin made a campaign stop for Donald Trump-endorsed candidate for governor David Perdue on Friday, giving Perdue her endorsement for the office.

As of Friday, Perdue said there was a chance he could win without a runoff, despite polls showing incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp holding a significant lead over former President Donald Trump’s pick in the May 24 primary.

Palin arrived at Sheltair Aviation, a private airport in Savannah, about 20 minutes before Perdue, and mingled with Perdue’s supporters, posing for photos while they waited.

She spoke highly of Perdue, and echoed his main campaign point thus far: Brian Kemp didn’t do enough to stop what both believe was an unfair election in Georgia.

Credit: Will Peebles

Credit: Will Peebles

“David Perdue, his priorities being truth and letting the people’s will be first and foremost in his agenda,” Palin said. “But Kemp had an opportunity to do something about the shenanigans that went on in this last election. I don’t know why he was so hesitant.”

Perdue also spoke briefly, taking questions from both local and national media outlets. He said Trump is fully invested in the race, and said he didn’t believe his relationship with Trump going forward would be affected by the outcome of Tuesday’s election.

Credit: Will Peebles

Credit: Will Peebles

“I can tell you personally, he is so invested in this. This is a president who really understands the importance of this race in Georgia. This president understands that if we want a conservative Republican in the White House in ‘24, and we want to get our Senate majority back, we have to win this governor’s race,” Perdue said.

“This is bigger than me, and I think Donald Trump knows that, and that’s why he’s supported me from the very beginning.”

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