ACLU of Georgia to handle alleged racism lawsuit against Effingham County School District

Credit: Thomas P. Costello

Credit: Thomas P. Costello

Three students and two parents who filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Effingham County School District have turned the case over to American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia. The nonprofit is handling the case alongside Troutman Pepper law firm.

Andrea Young, executive director of ACLU of Georgia said they entered the case Jan. 26.

“The families who filed this case are bravely standing up for racial justice and freedom of speech in their school district,” said Young. “The ACLU of Georgia is privileged to join their fight for change in Effingham County and to help make it a school district that is welcoming and supportive of all of its students.”

The lawsuit against the ECSD was filed Jan. 5., citing racial hostility that prevents pupils from wearing “Black Lives Matter” text on their clothing.

The families allege that administrators at the school intentionally overlooked complaints regarding racial bullying at Effingham College & Career Academy and Effingham County High School.

“Our goal in this litigation is for Effingham County School District to be a safe, welcoming place for all students, especially Black and otherwise marginalized students,” said Young.

Both parties are new to the case but Young said each organization is, “Committed to zealously advocating for our clients and achieving meaningful change in Effingham County.”

The defendants have not been served yet.

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