Savannah Archives: 25 years ago, the Olympics came to Savannah

On this day in history 25 ago, July 20, 1996, Savannah held her very own opening ceremony for the XXVI Olympiad, the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games that were based in Atlanta. This was the first time that a city outside of the host city held their own opening ceremony.

Artist Ivan Bailey was commissioned to create Savannah’s unique Olympic Cauldron, which featured five fluted columns representing the Games’ classical Greek origins and the five Olympic rings. He topped the columns with sails to represent the Olympic Yachting events for which Savannah was the host community.

The Cauldron can still be visited today at the east end of River Street in Morrell Park. Savannah was selected as the site of the Olympic Yachting events because of its proximity to water and its rich Southern history and beauty.

Between July 21 and 29, 1996, Olympic Yachting events were held off the coast of Georgia near Wilmington Island, in Wassaw Sound. Ten different sailing classes (also called disciplines), including men’s, women’s, and mixed events, raced 10 or more races each over the eight-day span of the games. There were 461 athletes representing 78 countries from six continents who competed in the 1996 Olympic Yachting events and an average of 1,000 spectators a day turned out to watch the competition.

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