New action trackchair expands exploring possibilities at Newman Wetlands Center

Spending time in nature can improve your mood, boost confidence and self-esteem while reducing stress or anger.

But if you’re 12% of the 1.9 million Georgians living with mobility issues, your opportunity to enjoy nature can be hindered.

A grant from the Clayton County Tourism Authority has given the Newman Wetlands Center the ability to purchase an action trackchair. The chair can maneuver the wetlands’ boardwalk loop trail and gravel scout loop trail.

“It’s hard to explore the wetlands in a manual chair, especially if it has recently rained,” said Senior Conservationist Danielle Bunch. “But with the ATC, users don’t have to worry about rocks or rain, and they don’t need someone to push them.”

Bunch said the new chair gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy what the wetlands have to offer.

“It’s a cool experience.”

Credit: Heather Middleton

Credit: Heather Middleton

The ATC can be used by anyone with mobility issues. There are no specific disability requirements needed to qualify for use.

Bunch said it’s the only chair of the 11 in the state that is more inclusive in terms of users.

The remaining 10 are located at various state parks including Panola Mountain State Park in Stockbridge.

Before the chair can be reserved for use, visitors must complete the All Terrain Georgia certification.

Users are required to be accompanied by a companion age 18 or older who must also be certified.

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Certification is free as is the use of the chair. Reservations must be made at least 72 hours in advance.

The grant awarded to the wetlands center by the county’s Tourism Authority is in partnership with the Aimee Copeland Foundation and Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Via Copeland’s All Terrain Georgia initiative, her goal is to provide people with mobility issues the ability to enjoy nature.

To reserve the chair at Newman Wetlands Center, visit

To get certified, visit

Newman Wetlands Center is located at 2755 Freeman Road in Hampton.

Credit: Clayton News-Daily

Credit: Clayton News-Daily


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