Henry County pushes toward preservation of historic Blacksville

The old Post Office in Blacksville, an unincorporated town in Henry County (Photo provided by Henry Herald)

Credit: Henry Herald

Credit: Henry Herald

The old Post Office in Blacksville, an unincorporated town in Henry County (Photo provided by Henry Herald)

A Henry County municipality has begun efforts to preserve a historic unincorporated town.

McDonough officials are aiming to revitalize the historic town of Blacksville with the launch of a Small Area Strategic Plan. It is an important initiative for the McDonough City Council as two of its members hail from the Blacksville community.

“Council members (Rufus) Stewart and Mayor Pro Tem (Kamali) Varner, both of whom hail from Blacksville and have long advocated for such endeavors, have noted a growing awareness among various community segments about the need for preservation efforts, reflecting a broadening engagement and a collective ambition to enact a preservation plan,” Mayor Sandra Vincent said.

The revitalization project is also important for its rich heritage — especially during the month of February when many Americans celebrate Black History Month.

In that sense the Small Strategic Plan “not only honors the trailblazing men and women of Blacksville but also lays a foundation for future generations to thrive upon,” according to the city’s press release.

The plan will recognize the significant locations, homes, buildings, streets and individuals that have been pivotal to the small town.

“Identifying and preserving buildings that have been central to Blacksville’s development is crucial,” the press release states. “These structures tell the stories of the community’s past, offering a tangible link to its rich heritage.”

Churches, schools and community centers will also be highlighted as integral parts of the Blacksville community.

“They serve as venues for social gathering, education and cultural exchange,” according to the press release. “Highlighting these spaces will honor their role in fostering community bonds.”

The plan will also focus on commemorating businesses that have enhanced its economy.

“These establishments underscore Blacksville’s entrepreneurial spirit and its importance to the broader McDonough area,” the press release states.

The partnership formed between the McDonough Housing Authority and the Building A Better Blacksville organization aligns with the city’s mission toward the restoration.

“Initiatives such as the installation of little libraries, the development of a community garden and the restoration of historical sites like the train depot will serve as focal points for community pride and engagement,” according to the press release.


Credit: Henry Herald

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Credit: Henry Herald


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