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Thank goodness for Georgia’s Lt. Gov. and Sec. of State

First of all, I am not happy that MLB is withdrawing the All Star game from Atlanta, but actions can have consequences. Gov. Brian Kemp, Lt. Governor Duncan, and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger all initially vouched for the security of the 2020 Georgia State elections process, and that security was actually tested and found to be true and accurate, as I recall.

So when Gov. Kemp suggests that MLB has fallen victim to liberal lies, let me remind him that our Republican legislature has fallen victim to conservative lies of rigged elections that have not been proven nor supported by any evidence. And when Kemp had the opportunity to maintain his original stance as to the security of this state’s election process, he choose to cave to his party’s unnecessary legislation to change certain voting laws and sign the new voting law bill.

Thank goodness we still have Lt. Governor Duncan and Secretary of State Raffensperger remaining steadfast and committed to the truth of what really happened in the November, 2020, Georgia state elections.


CEOs reaction to voting laws in Georgia is puzzling

The old American saying “Politics makes strange bedfellows” has never been more true than today.

Watching the line of corporate CEOs rushing to support ‘voting rights’ groups is puzzling, as the groups are composed of many of the same people calling for the end of capitalism, severe limits to CEO compensation and other extreme revisions to our society just months ago. These CEOs have bought the hype but not the facts in the new Georgia law. If they act this way about this issue, do they use the same knee-jerk reactions to run their companies? Let’s hope not.


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