Readers write



Biden’s reluctance to discuss budget put economy at risk

A letter writer claims that overspending is not the problem, but revenue shortfall is, “McCarthy fails to recognize U.S. shortfall” (Readers write, June 2). That’s similar to saying that overspending your income is caused by your employer not paying you enough.

Also, Joe Biden’s boatload of “freebies,” such as college tuition, would only accelerate our ever-rising debt. How many loopholes would have to be closed, and how high would tax increases be to cover the ever-growing trillions of dollars the government needs?

Accusing Speaker McCarthy of being a “political hack” doesn’t say much for President Biden, who first refused even to discuss the budget problem with him for 97 days, supposedly content to let the economy collapse with no debt-ceiling increase and then blame Republicans.

Biden wants to take credit for anything good that happens; shouldn’t he also take the blame for all the bad?


Sounds like Chick-fil-A practices what it preaches

The conservatives are having a fit over Chick-fil-A hiring a vice president over diversity, equity and inclusion, as shown on the restaurant’s website.

The conservatives who call themselves Christian obviously haven’t read the Bible in the New Testament where it says to be kind and compassionate to all others if you want to be treated kindly and compassionately. Also, not to pass judgment and to live in harmony with one another.

In Ephesians, it says to walk with the Lord in a worthy manner with all humility, gentleness, patience, bearing with one another in love.

All of that sounds like diversity, equity and inclusion to me. In other words, Christian principles. I do find it ironic though that Chick-fil-A donated to anti-LGBTQ hate groups in the past.