Readers Write



Education board should teach fundamentals, not race

The state education board should concern itself with how to teach youngsters the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic. And how to reintroduce discipline into the classroom. Youngsters’ opinions about race are formed at home before they ever see a classroom. If the children come from a home occupied by two parents who have their childrens’ best interests at heart, they will already have been introduced to race theory. .

If theories are to be taught, that should wait until a student has reached the beginning of maturity.


Fraud not the reason for new voting laws

The push by the Republican Party to pass restrictive voting laws to prevent fraud reminds me of something from my childhood. My neighbor friend slit open an empty, half-gallon milk carton and hung it in a backyard tree. I asked him why he did that and he responded it was to keep dinosaurs away. I told him there are no dinosaurs, and he said “see, it works!”

There is no voter fraud. The only thing happening is that the projected demographic changes are becoming too real for Republicans. Voters are rejecting them in larger numbers making it more challenging to win elections. Instead of doing the hard work of creating policies that appeal to more people, Republicans have chosen to make it harder to vote and easier to steal elections when they lose.

Our democracy is being put in jeopardy by elected Republicans with the unwavering support of their conservative followers. If their efforts are allowed to stand, the will of the voter will be ignored and Republican legislatures will decide the winner in our elections. This is how our democracy dies.