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Biden helps working people, deserves support

President Joe Biden used to be called “the senator from MBNA” because, being from Delaware, he worked diligently for the credit card companies. That made it surprising when he began doing all sorts of things to help working people once he became president.

The U.S. press has been very reluctant to report Biden’s considerable efforts to help average people.

Still, you’d think average people would catch on and give Biden some credit. But in fact, after the debate they are likely to choose the relentlessly prevaricating tap dancer over the seemingly moribund oatmeal cookie with good policies. That’s too bad, too, because they will abandon 250 years of pluralism, egalitarianism and shared regard for the common good. And they will live to regret it.


Dems should bolster top ticket to instill confidence

Last week’s debate should be a wake-up call for the Democratic Party. While Joe Biden has served this country well, it appeared his time has passed. Even if we accept this was a one-off situation, do we really want risk another such moment in a time of crisis?

If it’s too late in the process to nominate another candidate to lead the ticket, it’s not too late to late to nominate a candidate for vice president who could be president on Day One. There are several experienced Democrats ready to serve who would be a better choice than Vice President Kamala Harris at this point in her career. Though Harris might grow to be a credible presidential candidate someday, I don’t think most people believe she’s there yet.

The Democratic Party owes it to the country to bolster the top of the ticket with candidates who instill confidence. There is too much at risk, and to do otherwise would be irresponsible.