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This Republican says Trump needs to get over defeat

While some anomalies may have occurred in the recent election for president, I strongly support our governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state and attorney general in their defense – often in the face of frequent and dangerous criticism from Trump and our two U.S. senators – of the November election results. I am a Republican, but I believe what the president is doing is further dividing this country. He lost and needs to get over it.


Really, there’s some of Trump in all of us

All of us are a little like Trump. We have seen ourselves crying on the kindergarten floor because recess is over. “I don’t want to go” can mean a bundle of things like a change of job, a spouse who wants a divorce, an unwelcome disease, or growing old with anger and regret. Making these changes means letting go of the power we once had that we don’t want to give up. We tantrum when we have thought we are better and more capable than others, so we disregard their opinions. This thinking expands the divisions of white power if we are white, of black power if we are black, with little thought to fairness or civility. And on the world stage, we may cry, “America is No. 1” and “Make America Great Again,” while other countries are blamed for all the world’s ills. Do we have the will to see how narcissism and grandiosity promote only ourselves and our political and economic interests? Are we willing to expand love and kindness, fairness and respect of differences, and put away the tantrums that resist healthy change? Let’s hope so.


Media, democrats to blame for national divisions we now face

The AJC, part of the corrupt mainstream media, supported Democratic leaders in a four-year coup attempt to throw Trump out of office. The Democratic Party, perpetrators of that coup attempt, are now asking for the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump to trust the results of a highly suspect election. It ain’t going to happen! Be ready for four years of a “Never Biden Movement.” This movement will not riot or destroy private property, as was so blatantly accepted by Democratic leadership and news media. Rather, it will consist of a peaceful and lawful “resistance.” Thank you, AJC, for doing your part to foster the divisions and hate we now live with, in a country that is home to some of the most charitable, tolerant people on this planet. – THOMAS GAMBESKI, CANTON

A former student has faith in genuineness of Warnock’s beliefs

I’m disappointed to see attacks on the Rev. Raphael Warnock’s Christian faith. It is inappropriate for Christians to question the faith of another Christian for political gain. When I attended Candler School of Theology at Emory University, the Rev. Warnock was one of my contextual education supervisors. In 2006-07, 12 students would meet with Dr. Warnock, as we called him. He helped shape me into the pastor and Christian I am today. His wisdom and prophetic voice pushed me to re-evaluate my theological and cultural beliefs. His challenges did not always change what I believed, though sometimes they did. Above all, I saw in Dr. Warnock a personal faith in Christ, a compassionate spirit, and a prophetic voice rooted in Scripture. I write all this to testify to the authenticity of Dr. Warnock’s faith. If elected, he will serve Georgia and the United States well.


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