Readers write



Garland’s memo on parent protestors was appropriate

A letter writer wrote that she felt Merrick Garland was trying to run “roughshod” over American parents, “Attorney General Garland not in charge of education” (Readers Write, Oct. 27). Perhaps she isn’t aware that there has been a coordinated effort across the country to whip up protests at school board meetings that have gotten heated enough that protesters have threatened board members, teachers, administrators and staff.

The National School Boards Association asked for federal help. Garland issued a memo calling for federal law enforcement to work with local law enforcement. Garland’s reply to senators’ attempt to whip up sound bites was, “I wish if senators were concerned about this that they would quote my words. This memorandum is not about parents being able to object in their school boards. They are protected by the First Amendment as long as there are no threats of violence, they are completely protected.”

This is Garland staying within the parameters of his office.


Southern border crisis will continue under Biden

Knowing that I have relevant experience as a former immigration inspector with the old INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service), I am repeatedly asked by friends and family when the massive invasion of our southern border will stop.

I sadly inform them that barring any drastic change by the Biden administration, only when the crime, poverty and corruption in the United States rise to the level of the countries from which these unlawful migrants come will they stop coming.

Americans are now beginning to understand what “fundamentally transform” really entails and that the Democrat Party is simply keeping promises made during the presidential election. As for you folks who voted Democrat, welcome to your “New World Order,” and perhaps you should beg forgiveness from your children and grandchildren.