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Trump wants Russian victory more than border solution

Misdirection is a needed skill for magicians and con men. They direct your attention elsewhere while they manipulate the situation to their benefit. Donald Trump is telling his party to disregard the bipartisan efforts to make significant progress on the border crisis. Even Republican senator Lindsey Graham called it the best shot in generations for real reform. Yet, Trump wants it to fizzle.

Does he really care about the border? Who knows, but if we consider the skills of the con man, misdirection is always at hand. Who else benefits from the failure of this bill? Why, it’s none other than Vladimir Putin, Trump’s mentor, the one he calls a genius.

If immigration reform goes down, so does our support for Ukraine. The potential Russian victory over Ukraine will increase drastically while the shadow of authoritarianism slides further into Europe. Trump might claim he doesn’t want Biden to get a win on immigration, but the holier grail for him is a Russian victory.


Biden can end border disaster with executive order

When President Biden took office, he used executive orders to reverse President Trump’s policies on the U.S. border, virtually opening our borders.

The result of this action allowed a historically high number of millions of immigrants to cross our borders illegally. And this figure does not include “got away.”

Voters and U.S. citizens see their hard-earned tax money used for these undocumented immigrants’ food, health care and education. All the while, U.S. citizens in need are not being cared for -- not to mention the influx of drugs like fentanyl and some migrants here who are on our terrorist watch lists.

Now, polls show the top election issue in most states, not just border states, is immigration. As Biden gets very low marks in his handling of the border, a disaster he caused, he is now asking Congress for funds to help stop the flow of unlawful immigrants. In reality, all he has to do is reverse his executive orders, thus reinstating President Trump’s immigration policy.