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Biden as-seen is not the president sold to the public

During Biden’s campaign, the electorate was told what kind of president he would be. He would bring people together, reach across the aisle, with a fairly progressive agenda, but with much consideration for the conservative view.

Basement Biden won under this premise. However, once the far-left side of the Democrat Party took control, Biden’s popularity sank. Add to that his failed COVID response, the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle, the border crisis and inflation, his numbers sank further.

Biden’s staff decided the solution was to get him more in public. So, they recently allowed him to have an extended press conference. As he answered questions, he often seemed confused and to lose his train of thought, once again calling into question his cognitive abilities and thus ability to lead, leaving his supporters to ask, where is the Biden we were told we were voting for?


Republican obstruction also to blame for voting rights failure

With the recent failure of the senate to pass a voting rights bill, the problem with how the media frames our current political climate is in full focus. That vote and others are framed as “Democrats fail” or “two Democrats derail the process,” with no mention that all 50 Republican senators are responsible as well.

The media should be telling the real story is not about two apostates in the Democratic party, but of the complete abdication of governing by Republicans in the senate – a continuation of the “McConnell doctrine” of 100% obstruction, started under the Obama administration. The fact is, senate Democrats — who represent over 40 million more people than Republicans — are voting on legislation meant to help every American, yet nothing can pass because of the opposition. We are not moving forward; in fact, we are sliding backward because the GOP has declared fealty to party over the country.