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Editorial was right in demanding that harassment of officials end

Regarding “It’s time to end harassment of Georgia’s elected officials” (Opinion, Dec. 22), thank you for your Editorial Board’s opinion. The first recount of the election was uplifting and heartening because it proved to me the voting system was working in Georgia. Subsequent recounts seemed excessive and expensive. Harassment of Gov. Brian Kemp, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and his staffer Gabriel Sterling is a travesty. Enough is enough.


Hacking of federal computers warrants substantive response

I retired from federal employment while George W. Bush was president. I had worked for the federal government for 33 years, most of that time in international antiterrorism and security. I can assure you that if I ever ignored reliable information about foreign hacking of U.S. computer systems, I would still be in jail with no chance of getting out except in a coffin. Why is no one in a leadership position in our government stepping up to demand that President Trump do something more than go golfing in response to this serious threat to our security?


Slow mail should be a worry for runoff voters and election officials

Within Georgia, the U.S. Postal Service seems to have handled the absentee ballots for the presidential election without much after-action discussion. But timely receipt of the return of absentee ballots for the runoff election could be a serious problem that doesn’t seem to have been addressed. In July, my 12-year-old grandson in Denver and I started our own pen pal club. Over five months, first-class mail was delivered in an average of five days. However, this month, that has changed. My grandson mailed a letter Dec. 3 that arrived in my mailbox Dec. 17, a span of 14 days. Is Georgia’s secretary of state concerned? Will the media address this issue and ask for appropriate planning to deal with the probability that absentee ballots dated before Election Day will arrive after 7 p.m., Jan. 5, and not be counted? Pay attention, folks: Use a drop box or mail your ballot well before Jan. 5.


Sad that political correctness is claiming historic sports team names

Cleveland’s Major League Baseball team has fallen to the politically correct slings and arrows that have slain many other athletic teams. Their name, “Indians,” much like the previous “Redskins” name of the Washington football team, will be stricken to make way for some less offensive name, such as “The Cleveland Baseball Team” or perhaps president-elect Biden’s apparently acceptable label of “Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldiers.” I suspect the Atlanta Braves will soon succumb to a similar PC “moniker-ectomy,” as “the Chop” strikes its last blow and severs the team’s long-held appellation. Furthermore, with Major League Baseball’s recent inclusion of Negro League players’ records in the game’s official statistics, inquiring politically correct minds want to know, how long will historic team names like “Atlanta Black Crackers” be tolerated?


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