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Liz Cheney speaks the unvarnished truth

Many of us recall the familiar tale about young George Washington and the cherry tree he inadvertently cut down. When confronted by his angry father, he refused to lie about it, and his father, rather than punishing him, embraced him and praised him for his honesty.

This tale has served as a symbol of our nation’s commitment to telling the truth - the oxygen of a free society. Sadly, what seemed an enduring value has been shamelessly shattered by the very individuals who govern us - except for a precious few, like Rep. Liz Cheney. She speaks the unvarnished truth about The Big Lie. Assuming Republican Trump enablers were also parented to be honest, what changed them into the fawning lackeys of a autocratic wannabe?


‘Cancel Culture’ has no place in America

Our symbol of justice is of a woman holding a balance scale while wearing a blindfold to prevent her from prejudice due to observing some identity.

The ACLU has fought for equal opportunities and equal justice for many issues, regardless of identity. Identity must be a non-merit factor, whether it be of race, sex, religion, family connections, or numerous others. It is now long past time for political identity to not be treated as an issue of merit, for judging anything. Judgment of people’s rights and actions must be “blind,” decided outside of regard for identity of any kind, including political. “Cancel Culture” is the exact opposite of “equal justice under law.”

The inclusiveness of this nation has long been a light of hope to much of the world, but it is now heavily threatened by those who are trying to “cancel” all who do not bow to their politics. Identity favoritism, (including political,) is prejudicial, and Constitutionally wrong.