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Georgia’s citizens didn’t get an honest redistricting process

A fundamentally flawed redistricting process was used once more by the powerful to thumb their collective noses at citizens begging for an honest process. They did this even though voters of all ages across Georgia spoke at multiple listening sessions, pleading for fairness. We were ignored. The powerful did what all prior parties in power have done -- they brazenly yet legally gamed the system to ensure their hold on our government.

Georgia is clearly a swing state with a million more voters in 2020.

You can’t tell that from these new maps.

They unfairly amplify some voters’ voices and muzzle others. For example, their power grab shut out voters who elected U.S. Rep. Lucy McBath and State Senator Michelle Au.

Georgia’s citizens deserved an honest process, but they didn’t get it. Let your Republican legislators know that you see them callously protecting their seats while conveniently ignoring you. Let them know you won’t forget.


Adoption, not abortion, continues life

A writer impugned Justice Amy Coney Barrett for “emotional detachment” about “which of her seven children she could have willingly relinquished and forgotten….” by dropping the infant off at a fire station or hospital.

The U.S. Supreme Court has to bring out the truth about people in America regarding rights. Justice Barrett is dealing with an issue in which many people are snuffing out life from others who are inconvenient to themselves. The very first right listed in the Constitution is life itself. Adoption, not abortion, continues life for that individual. While the quality of life is a high priority, having life is first. It is not callous, but instead good, to first want someone to have life - even if the mother cannot support the child financially and gives up the child to be adopted. A mother’s inconvenience, or embarrassment, is not worth more than her child’s life. Justice Barrett adopted, not abandoned, two such children. That is the better and loving solution.