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U.S. not behaving like world’s greatest democracy right now

Under trying circumstances, Americans went to the polls and voted in record numbers in a presidential election. Part of the electorate believes the election was somehow stolen from their candidate, though the final tally for the president-elect will, more than likely, have him with over 300 electoral votes, and a comfortable margin of over 5 million in the popular vote. The disbelief is the sad result of those who sought to sow the seeds of doubt over the validity of the election. World leaders are extending their congratulations to the president-elect, while the defeated incumbent and most in his party refuse to do the same. Given the actions of those who sought to cast doubt about the election prior to Nov. 3, and of the incumbent administration and party since the winner has been declared, are we really embodying the actions of the world’s greatest democracy?


Money spent on campaign attack ads could have helped with pandemic

The relentless political ads do everyone a disservice. I’m not alone in feeling disgusted with the flood of political commercials on television. Information is taken out of context and twisted to suit a candidate’s agenda, regardless of truth and fair play. Some ads are simply hateful. Outrageous! Some network officials have even made statements clarifying that by law, they must carry the ads, false information and all. I cannot believe anyone at this point in 2020 has not made up their mind about voting. The ads will hopefully end after Jan. 5. The billions of dollars spent on this unrelenting harassment would have been better spent on people suffering the impacts of the pandemic.


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