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Legislation would restrict schools from honest discussion of racial issues

Proposed legislation restricting teachers’ discussion of race needs to be recognized for what it is: pure propaganda and attempted voter manipulation. “Critical race theory” is utterly irrelevant other than as a propaganda tool. The honest discussion of history is really at stake, including the abominations of slavery, lynchings, and state-sanctioned segregation and racial discrimination. Yes, these topics will make students uncomfortable, as they should. However, the students will handle this just fine. It’s the “afraid of their shadow” adults that can’t handle it.

Message to our Republican leaders: your grandchildren and their children will likely live, work and vote in jurisdictions where the minority has become the majority. Please have the vision to recognize that this type of legislation will suppress honest discussion of racial issues for only a very limited time, and those future generations will then have to confront them.


Buckhead seceding from Atlanta would be costly upheaval

Oliver Porter may know a lot about creating new cities from unincorporated parts of counties, but the impacts of a neighborhood seceding from a city are not even addressed in Mr. Porter’s opinion piece of January 30. That’s probably because he never had to deal with them.

If Buckhead City is incorporated, the residents will pay zero taxes to the city of Atlanta. How will the loss of 40% of its property tax base impact the city of Atlanta’s excellent bond rating? What about the bond and pension debt already incurred by Atlanta? Mr. Porter pays no attention to those issues. He ignores the upheaval to the 5,000 APS students who will become Fulton County Schools students and several other thorny issues like parks, fire and police stations, and other property owned by the city of Atlanta.

Lastly, Mr. Porter ignores the ugly message of privilege and segregation that secession shouts to the rest of the world.

Let’s fix the problems. Don’t divide the city.