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Firearm regulation needed, or gun violence will continue

How much more gun violence must we suffer before government action is taken? More-vigilant policing would help, but the main problems, as we all know, are the alarming number of firearms, including assault rifles, that are already present in our society and the ease with which new firearms can be legally or illegally purchased. Also, as a result of recent legislation signed into law by Gov. Brian Kemp and designed to appeal to his gun-loving Republican base, concealed weapons can be carried in Georgia without a permit. Law enforcement agencies strongly objected because it makes their already dangerous jobs even more so. Open carry presents its own problems. I have seen citizens with guns on their belts or assault rifles slung over their shoulders in area businesses where their ostentatious display of personal firepower has done nothing more than foster fear in other customers. Unless we start now to regulate firearm ownership better and reduce the availability of illegal weapons, more innocent people will die.


Gunman a victim of those who drive wedges between races

Re: “President: Hate ‘a stain on the soul of America’,” (News, May 16). The story contains this quote: “Somebody filled his heart so full of hate... .”

This was a preacher’s statement. It wasn’t “somebody,” it was the availability of information designed to warp young minds.

Hate is not the driving factor here, even though the media would have us believe it. The driving factor is a group of individuals who love and promote disunity for profit. They are paid and encouraged to drive wedges between the races: And it works really well.

Even the “president” is taken in by the ruse. He is also using hate to disguise his failure to lead. The “stain” is on the misfits who take advantage of impressionable young people.