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Atlanta city candidates should address quality-of-life issues

While all the candidates for mayor of Atlanta seem to address large issues like violent crime and affordable housing, I would like to know how the candidates plan to address non-violent crimes that occur daily and affect the quality of life for city residents.

How would each candidate deal with cars that drive too fast for road conditions or are too noisy? What about motorcycles, bicycles and motor scooters on city sidewalks? What about double-parking on thoroughfares? And most streets seem in need of repaving; what are candidates’ timetables to do this?

As a resident of Midtown for nearly 20 years, I have seen a steady decline in these quality-of-life issues. How a candidate plans to address these issues determines who will get my vote.

I’m confident I’m not alone with these questions. Conversations with my neighbors and friends tell me they agree. I’m confident the candidate who can successfully answer these questions will likely get our votes.


Sen. McConnell’s obstructions weaken our democracy

While Mitch McConnell long ago pledged his allegiance to our nation and the Constitution, his actions of late deepen the divisions in our country and threaten its national security.

McConnell’s ongoing obsession with obstructing the Biden administration’s efforts to seek collaboration and compromise across the aisles of Congress serves only to weaken our democracy and its ability to protect our national interests here and abroad.

In paraphrasing the Gospel of Mark 3:25, Lincoln famously stated, “A house divided cannot stand.” Such division and subsequent dysfunction can only bring smiles to the faces of Xi, Putin, Jong-Un and the leaders of Isis-K and Al-Qaeda.

While social media is often blamed for fomenting the toxic level of divisiveness, the Republicans in Congress are equally culpable for their lockstep loyalty to a former “divider in chief” and his sycophant, McConnell