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Late mail an example of Postal Service failures

I renewed the registration for one of our vehicles online on Sept. 22; the process was well-designed, fast, and simple. However, after waiting until Oct. 21 for the decal and document to arrive in the mail, I was forced to go to a Cobb County tag office where one was created based on my record in 5 minutes with no wait and no additional cost to me.

The original renewal finally arrived in the mail on Oct. 21; it was postmarked on Sept. 24 and showed the usual machine stamp and no damage from handling.

Can we really not expect the U.S. Postal Service to deliver a first-class letter from a location 12 miles away in less than one month?

It is clear that our federal legislators and USPS employees really don’t care anymore.


Time for Luckovich to move on from Trump and past election

Based on the Sunday, Oct. 17 AJC Opinion pages, there seem to be two people who are obsessed with the 2020 Presidential election, Donald Trump and, yes, Michael Luckovich. These are strange bedfellows indeed. I would think as the AJC cartoonist, Luckovich would target subjects that impact many Americans, say 330 million of them. These include rampant inflation, supply-chain problems and an open southern border. It’s time to move on from an election that is a year old. I think most of us have.


Attorney General Garland not in charge of education

When the Republicans opposed Merrick Garland as a Supreme Court Justice, I thought they had acted harshly. However, now that Mr. Garland is showing his true colors in his attorney general role, I am breathing a sigh of relief and am thankful for the conservatives’ action.

One hope I have now is that American parents will not allow him to run roughshod over them, as he is not in charge of their children’s education. He should stay within the parameters of his office.