Readers write



Stop promoting gun culture, Gov. Kemp

Governor Kemp should acknowledge responsibility for gun violence in the city, stemming from his endorsing easy access as well as the value of owning guns with no restrictions.

He could also take a stand against trigger-happy arrests by police. Just owning a gun does not make anyone safe, with no precautions or training for safe handling or the idiocy of random shootings in an urban area. Toning down the promotion of gun culture would make a difference in our quality of life.


U.S. Senate wastes time on concert ticket snafu

Faced with immigrants and illegal drugs flooding across the open southern border, high gas prices and overall inflation, weak economic growth, crime and crushing federal debt, on Jan. 24, U.S. Senate Democrats held the critically needed hearings on the high ticket prices and customer complaints from last year’s Taylor Swift concert.

Those Democrat senators really drop-kicked and hammered the execs of Live Nation and Ticketmaster! Knowing that our Democrat-controlled Senate is addressing our country’s greatest problems, I feel much better now, don’t you?


Calling on lawmakers to enact gun secure storage laws

I am writing in response to your column, “Parents, please lock up your firearms,” from Jan. 24. Thanks to the AJC and Arthur Kellermann and Stephen Hargarten, who authored the piece. As a mom, I urge you, your readers, and the community to keep this issue front and center.

According to Everytown Research & Policy, 4.6 million children in the U.S. live in a home with at least one unlocked and loaded firearm. There are other staggering statistics, but it’s no wonder the leading cause of death in children and teens in the U.S. is by firearm.

With more firearms in the U.S. than citizens, it’s crucial we securely store weapons to decrease the risk of both violence against others and suicide. I also call on our state lawmakers to enact secure storage laws, including assistance for any financial barriers people may have. Many gun locks are inexpensive, and the state should help people attain these potentially life-saving tools!


Give Georgia citizens more say over their governance

Today, Georgia is one of 24 states that doesn’t allow its citizens to petition to put initiatives, measures, and/or referendums on the ballot.

In light of recent events, it may be in our best interest to leave the minority of states and join the majority.

Of course, that’s not to say that petitions will prevent violence but giving the people the ability and potential to peacefully prevail over large and powerful special interests may be seen favorably by the masses at times such as the present.

Maybe it’s time to amend the Georgia Constitution so the people can have a say in their governance.


Road warning signs would help drivers take precautions

Recent rains caused certain surface street and highway portions to flood in metro Atlanta. This is not unique to Atlanta. This happens in many other cities and towns across the U.S. during extreme wet weather events.

However, few road signs warn motorists about this hazard. Similarly, certain major highway sections and intersections see frequent road accidents. Some of the accidents cause fatalities and serious injuries.

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) should consider putting signs at those locations, such as “Accident Prone Area – Drive Carefully,” “Flood Prone Area - Drive with Caution,” or other appropriate signs.

This will certainly help motorists, especially out-of-state travelers, to take extra precautions when driving through those areas.