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In-person voting helps assure validity of election

For the recent election, I voted for the first time by absentee ballot. In preparing my ballot I realized that there is no real assurance that I was the person executing the ballot (my signature on record is from probably more than fifty years ago). I also realized that mail-in ballots that I had read about throughout the country, have even less assurance. I urge that absentee ballots be limited to those away at the election time, or housebound, that mail in ballots not be used. In-person voting, particularly with the seven-days pre-voting available, would assure everyone the opportunity to vote and of the validity of the election.


Where is GOP outrage about Jan. 6 attack?

Remember the attack on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi? A huge outcry arose from Republicans against President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, that led to 10 investigations, six by Republican controlled Congressional committees. We now have the attack on our very own Capital building on January 6, 2021, filled with both Chambers of Congress, while they fulfilled their duty to certify the election of the president and vice president. Where is the Republican outrage against the lack of security where it should have been anticipated that trouble was in hand? The incitement by our own President of his supporters to march to the Capital and fight? His tweet attack on his own vice president while the insurrectionists were hunting him down? His failure to do all he could to stop this insurrection while continuing to refer to the stolen election and trying to stop the certification process? He still takes no responsibility for his actions or inactions. Isn’t it time to for Republicans to distance themselves from this man?


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