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Falcons’ upcoming choice will determine Super Bowl fate

The Atlanta Falcons are at a crossroad. The choice they make in the upcoming draft may well determine whether they go back to the Super Bowl, or continue to be a mediocre team.

With the fourth pick in the first round of the NFL draft, they should draft a Quarterback. The Pittsburg Stealers for many years the doormat of the National Football League, started their ascent to NFL champions with the drafting of quarterback Terry Bradshaw subsequently winning four Super Bowls. The New England Patriots, who for many years had been a mediocre team. When Tom Brady became the Patriots quarterback, the Patriots appeared in nine Super Bowl winning six. Matt Ryan best years are behind him, but he would serve the Falcons well mentoring a newly drafted quarterback for a year or two.

In the meantime, Coach Smith could build his team around the new quarterback, and have the Falcons back in the chase for the NFL Championship.


Increasing price of fossil fuel production assures clean future

As Earth Day approaches, the AJC reports in the business section, an automotive industrial talking point: “Electric Chevy pickup to get estimated 400 miles per charge,” April 7. Both GM and Ford plan to build more electric trucks. Big ones. The AJC writes the reason this matters - “competition for future buyers in the hot truck market.”

Adding a gradually increasing price to fossil fuel production and returning the fee income as a dividend to households will affect markets too! It will make clean energy options more affordable and create new jobs. Though fewer jobs are needed to build electric vehicles, clean energy jobs will multiply and dividends returned to lower income consumers will trigger retail and health care jobs. The new “hot market” will assure our kids a clean energy future.


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