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Cooperation needed to keep voters, poll workers safe

I work our elections. I feel good about doing the job, in spite of the long days. With the pandemic, I worked the primary and run-off. I now have doubts about Nov. 3. This election will be very busy. I’ve reached out to local officials, the Gwinnett County Board of Elections, as well as supervisors. I was told we must wear masks; however, for voters, the consensus is that the law does not allow enforcing mask-wearing as a condition for voting. Mostly older citizens work the elections. With the pandemic, older people are most vulnerable. It is difficult to find people willing to take this on. I wonder how many people know or think about this. If you don’t work the polls and don’t trust the mail, shouldn’t you be willing to wear a mask for those willing to be there? Please be considerate. Use face coverings, social distance, and be prepared, whether voting early or on Nov. 3.


Waiting for the Right to be pro-life beyond abortion

Conservatives think they’re the only Americans who are pro-life. Not true; all Americans believe in the sanctity of life. But for many of us, pro-life includes more than the yet-to-be-born. When confronted with thousands dead from gun violence, conservatives counter with the Second Amendment. When future lives are at risk due to climate change, the answer is, “Don’t believe it. Fake science!” When Black Americans are murdered by the state, the pushback is, “Well, they probably deserved it.” When immigrant children are torn from their parents and then die while in custody, the reasoning is, “They should stay home!” When people die on our streets from hunger and cold, it’s because they didn’t make good choices. And while wearing a mask has proven to save lives, we hear, “Don’t tread on my rights!” The “right” is eager to claim they are pro-life. We are waiting for them to show it. MICHAEL BUCHANAN, ALPHARETTA

Free markets triumph despite liberal pol’s opposition

In this era of pandemic, it is fascinating to me to see the acceleration of the e-economy. The digital online procurement of goods and services for our homes and businesses was underway prior to the pandemic, but COVID-19 clearly brought a light-speed change in our behaviors. Regarding, “Amazon to add 4K jobs in metro area” (News, Sept. 15), I can’t help but think about U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s opposition to Amazon’s HQ2 in Queens, New York. Jobs and an increase in employment will increase individuals' access to corporate-sponsored health care as well as create more jobs by a multiplier effect: Workers with money will consume other goods and services. With approximately 13 million unemployed in the U.S., expansion and hiring by Amazon of 100,000 nationally is refreshing. Was AOC right to stifle economic development in her district? I think the pandemic has answered that question.


Story on Trump’s taxes deserved more prominence

Major news stories belong above the fold and in the right columns. Secondary and tertiary stories go below the fold, and the least important of those goes in the far left corner on the bottom. The article on Trump’s taxes (“President’s tax data reveals heavy losses, tax avoidance,” News, Sept. 28) belonged above the fold and in the uppermost right hand side. I do not know when you put your paper to bed, but the story was out at 5 p.m. on Sept. 27. Your politics are showing.