Readers Write: Georgia parents should support graduates’ ambitions


Georgia parents should support graduates’ ambitions

As Atlanta’s high schoolers graduate, they’re starting to head into the world and pursue their passions. While some passions may be difficult for parents to understand, they all deserve equal support.

My mother supported my musical ambitions as a child, buying me a plethora of instruments. However, she was apprehensive of my majoring in Recording Arts at college because it was so unconventional. Nonetheless, an unconventional education was exactly what I needed, and I gained incredible skills and hands-on experience at Full Sail University that allowed me to jump into a career in sound mixing.

I’ve worked with such artists as Cardi B, Beyonce, and Drake, and I’ve won multiple GRAMMYs. However, my biggest award is still being a father. I want my daughters to know that I’ll be there for them at every stage, and I implore all parents out there to do the same.


Sending troops to border is pure grandstanding

In response to a letter to the editor (”Administration’s inaction at the border disgraceful,” July 2), I would like to counter with the argument that the Biden administration is approaching the immigration crisis with the proper perspective.

While it is “low hanging fruit” to target Kamala Harris’ decision to forgo an initial visit to the border, that criticism is typical of Republicans who want to express their loyalty to Trump by finding fault with almost every decision made by the current administration. The situation at the border has been well documented for years and that scenario is only symptomatic of an even greater and more complex challenge facing our country’s effort to manage the immigration crisis. By working more collaboratively with our neighbors to the south, we have a chance to address the root causes and stem the tide. Sending National Guard troops from Kansas to the border is purely political grandstanding and does nothing to substantively address the problem.