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When did dishonor become an honorable trait for a leader?

Honor is the quality of a person reflected in their behavior by such traits as valor, chivalry, honesty and compassion. Honor is the soldier who receives an order from a superior and, even though it might involve risk to his own safety, says “aye, aye, sir” and goes and performs his duty.

Such honorable actions are carried out daily around the world by our men and women in uniform. Dishonor is the politician and would-be commander in chief, who, upon given a legal gag order to refrain from making the type of “threatening, inflammatory and denigrating” statements he has repeatedly made about all those involved in the judicial process in which he finds himself, continues to issue the same ugly, vile rhetoric for which he is notorious.

When did dishonor become a quality we admire in a leader? What message does that send to our children or the world about American values?


Better management of stormwater runoff could benefit public

As Cobb County discusses stormwater management fees, it should recognize the same conclusion already reached in Fulton and other counties. Charging a fee for calculated runoff due to an area of impervious surface coverage over the ground is the fairest way of assessing charges.

Businesses simply put that charge into the pricing of their products and services sold to the public or the government (also eventually paid by taxes on the public.)

Perhaps some value could be recouped if stormwater runoff were directed to a collection basin for reprocessing into clean water supplying the regional water system, with a reduced level of contaminants and possibly a reduced cost to the public.