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Ga. should vote for GOP senators in order to benefit entire nation

Georgians are by fate, at the center of the political universe. The question for those who would vote for two Blue senators is, do you think AOC/The Squad, Bernie and other Blue extremists would serve as any kind of filter? If you elect these Blue senators, Joe Biden will be immediately pushed to pack the Supreme Court, make Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico states, seek Medicare for all, eliminate the Electoral College, limit First and Second Amendment rights and freedoms, and lock down your lives well past any scientific need. The framers of the Constitution set up three branches of government to be checks on each other. Divided government ensures only compromises that both Red and Blue (everyone) can live with get through. Please send David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler to the U.S. Senate.


Ga.'s January vote can help ensure next administration’s agenda doesn’t stall

Citizens of Georgia, whether by fate or simply fortuitous circumstance, you have a wonderful opportunity to better your own lives and the lives of the entire country. It’s obvious Mitch McConnell will continue to hoard all legislation placed on his desk. If we don’t flip our two Senate seats, which only we can do, we are looking at four more years of gridlock. Health care will be taken away, any stimulus that could help us survive the pandemic will not happen, infrastructure and literally all other initiatives put forth by the Biden Administration will languish in McConnell’s trash. You can deliver us from the past stagnation and into a period where good things actually happen. Don’t fail this challenge, please.


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