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Interesting: We don’t need government until we do.

Interesting that we don’t need the Environmental Protection Agency until we need it to clear our water supply after a disastrous citywide water break. Interesting that we don’t trust our Justice Department until we need it to prosecute Hunter Biden and Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J. Interesting that we denigrate our law enforcement officers until we want them to act against unruly protesters. Interesting that we so distrust the government that we must now turn to Christian nationalism to run our daily lives.


Attacks on justice system are shameful

Former President Donald Trump’s attack on a judge, though outrageous and in defiance of a gag ruling, is hardly surprising. But the denunciation of our justice system by elected leaders is shameful.

Our jury system has been an institution of national pride used since the ratification of our Constitution. Twelve jurors, picked by both the prosecution and the defense, must agree on guilt unanimously. Undermining this institution of democracy by any politician should be a widespread call for voters to immediately withdraw support. Disagree with a verdict. Impeach judges who commit high crimes. But support our justice and jury system that strives for equality regardless of position or wealth.


True patriots don’t fly American flags upside down

The new trend for right-wing extremists is to carry the American flag upside down. It is their way of expressing their idea that the United States is topsy-turvy. In many countries, a desecration of the national flag is considered treasonous and sometimes punished by death. These are countries in which terrorists frequently burn our flag. The irony is that the United States a is a democracy and speaking against the government and mocking its symbols are protected practices. Our anti-patriots bite the hand that feeds them.

Did our native extremists grow up reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in their classrooms? Do they doff hats when the national anthem is performed? If so, their anti-Americanism is absurd. They do this to support former President Donald Trump. If he were really a patriot, he would speak out against them. If he really agrees with the mob, well, that little flag lapel pin he wears, shouldn’t he turn it upside down?


Fulton lawsuit is an attempt to sow election discord

Fulton County has more than 751,000 active voters, but we only have a five-member election board that serves an administrative function. Unfortunately, the board members are appointed based on political party, so the mostly independent voters are not represented. The paid election office staff are nonpartisan and work hard to run our elections efficiently and fairly.

The Fulton GOP’s new member, Julie Adams, has refused to certify the May primary election results and is now suing to get all our personal voting information and to see if a county can block our votes by refusing to certify results. Adams is working with a Trump campaign-affiliated nonprofit called America First Policy Institute.

Article 5 of Fulton County’s Board of Registration and Elections states that all board members should conduct their administrative duties in an impartial and fair manner without any actual or perceived conflicts of interest. Further, the members are limited by state law (O.C.G.A. Section 21-2-214(c) from political activity in support of a candidate, political party or body.

This kind of lawsuit against local election administrators was part of the Trump campaign’s 2020 strategy and is a part of the 2024 election strategy. Adams’s actions are meant to disrupt the impartial and fair administration of elections, sap resources and sow doubts about election integrity. The obvious coordination with the Trump campaign is unethical and illegal. It is Adams who has the integrity issues.