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Raffensperger, Kemp deserve respect for standing up for voters

This Democrat offers his thanks to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Gov. Brian Kemp. They stood up and told a president of the U.S. “no.” That is not easy. They stood up for democracy. They stood up for their oaths. They stood up for their departments’ employees, for county election employees and election volunteers across the state, and most importantly, for the voters. No matter how I felt before or on other issues, for this, they both deserve and have my respect.


Dems among the Americans concerned about election security

Regarding, “Respect the Constitution above all” (Insight, Dec. 18), Sam Olens makes several valid points in his op-ed concerning the recent spate of election fraud allegations. However, I feel a correction of sorts is necessary in his seventh paragraph: “As Republicans, we must protect the integrity of the system by relentlessly investigating fraud ... so that the voting process is absolutely secure.” Does Mr. Olens really believe only Republicans are interested in election security? That is certainly his implication! I submit that both Democrats and Republicans are interested in election security, as Americans.


Racism is a force behind refusal to accept election’s result

The driving force behind Republicans’ refusal to accept the presidential election results is racism. Despite the 15th Amendment and the Voting Rights Act, many GOP politicians can’t accept that Blacks have the right to vote. They seem to consider Blacks unqualified to vote and hold office. They can’t concede that multiracial coalitions elected Obama twice and made Trump a one-term president. This explains why Republicans’ bogus fraud claims focus on predominantly Black cities. Georgia Republican leaders plan to leverage these claims to make it even harder for Blacks to vote. This is outrageous. Georgia already has some of the country’s most draconian voting restrictions. Just ask voters who have been purged from the rolls – or Gov. Kemp, who introduced many of these restrictions, which helped get him elected. We must resist these efforts. Disenfranchising Blacks erodes our common birthright of democracy for all Americans.


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