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Inflation Reduction Act helps level playing field for small businesses

Georgia entrepreneurs are resilient. We’ve worked hard to grow and maintain our businesses despite ongoing challenges. Although it’s no secret that our nation unfairly benefits wealthier Americans and corporations, especially when it comes to taxes, I’m glad to see efforts being made by lawmakers to level the playing field. The Inflation Reduction Act establishes a 15% minimum tax on corporations with profits above $1 billion, which will require them to start paying their fair share.

As a small business owner with roots in Atlanta, I have seen too many entrepreneurs get the shorter end of the stick when navigating the tax systems. Large corporations have long taken advantage of tax loopholes largely due to their ability to afford accountants, lawyers and other resources that most entrepreneurs simply can’t afford. It is time to level the playing field on taxes, and the Inflation Reduction Act will help do just that.


No rationale for slowing U.S. oil production and buying elsewhere

Could some intelligent “greenie,” if there is one, explain how curbing U.S. and Canadian oil and gas production, which has the cleanest environmental production -- and, with Biden’s action, forcing the increased purchase of dirty oil and gas from Iran, Russia, Venezuela and others -- helps the global climate change initiative?

Especially questionable and difficult to rationalize is the rapid growth allowed for the Chinese and Indian oil and gas industries. Carbon emissions from U.S. fossil fuels have decreased, while emissions from our adversaries continue to increase unabated. As a result, we are now paying the penalty with inflation and a pending recession. Again, where is the rationale for all of this?

The only explanation is that the elitists and liberal Democrats have become indoctrinated by socialistic norms and the “global reset initiative.” Therefore, they are willing to trade our magnificent standard of living and free and secure society for equalizing economies with the more-socialistic world, which hates our freedom and success.