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GOP’s about-face on border deal is ‘despicable’

“It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t care who gets the credit,” said President Harry Truman.

Alas, that was then. Today, we are seeing how much damage can be inflicted on our country when a has-been ex-president, so jealous of a possible bi-partisan win for both sides, seeks openly to tank an otherwise good plan to protect our borders and aid our allies in Ukraine and Israel. It’s shameful. The gall of the GOP to suddenly do an about-face in an election year is despicable.

For years, the GOP has screamed loudly and incessantly for a border deal. We get one this week from a team consisting of a Democrat, a Republican and an independent that delivers exactly what the GOP said it wanted. And the Speaker of the House says it’s dead on arrival?

Americans are not stupid. We see what’s going on. This kind of blatant and in-your-face partisanship will not go unanswered.


Country is not thriving under Biden administration

A Feb. 6 letter writer asserts the Biden economy is “outproducing the Trumpist economy in every measurable way.” Wow, I guess high inflation, soaring interest rates, high gas prices and $300 trips to the grocery store don’t count in this calculus. Except for not being able to afford the basics, like housing, gas, and food, the economy is great.

Likewise, the writer claims that “under Biden, America has enhanced its position worldwide.” Again, wow. The Afghanistan disaster, the open border, raging wars in Ukraine and Gaza and the more 150 attacks since October on U.S. service members and U.S. and coalition facilities in Iraq and Syria indicate otherwise. Our foreign policy is a wreck, and many people now fear World War 3.

Overall, the letter writer is seeing a world that others don’t see. Recent NBC polling shows Trump crushing Biden on the economy and national security. Maybe, things are not so great under Biden after all.