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Henry Ford story contained some inaccuracies

In “Master Innovator,” News, June 5, the story states that the Model T had “a system of clutch, brake and accelerator controls on the floor - which other manufacturers would emulate.”

Obviously, the author has never driven a Model T. The Model T famously has a “planetary transmission” and, yes, the clutch and brake controls are on the floor, combined with a pedal to shift between the transmission’s two gears, but the the accelerator control is on the steering column. As such, one shifts a Model T’s gears with the feet and works the gas by hand, which was emulated by few other manufacturers.

Most other makes of early cars have a gear shift lever and gas pedal on the floor, along with a brake and clutch pedal, which was the standard until the advent of automatic transmissions.

The author also states that Henry Ford “doubled the pay of laborers to $5 per hour.” This is incorrect. Henry Ford did double the pay of laborers, but it was to $5 per day.


Will CRT critics see “systemic” deficiencies now?

Regarding the recent AJC article “Rural death rates high even before COVID-19,” News, June 8, the causes listed were many, but the conclusion was that there are “systemic” deficiencies at the root of greatly disproportionate health outcomes between rural and urban populations.

Hmm, one wonders if the same people who want to prohibit Critical Race Theory from being taught in Georgia schools will perhaps see more clearly how “systemic” deficiencies need to be examined and studied no matter where they arise to advise public health policy and make substantive change.