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Editorial was right to condemn threats against public officials

Your editorial, “It’s time to end harassment of Georgia’s elected officials” (Opinion, Dec. 22), was a responsible call for people to peacefully participate in democracy even when things don’t go their way. But you neglected to mention one important component of the violent rhetoric directed at the governor, secretary of state and elections officials – they were being attacked from the far right of their own party. The death threats and accusations of treachery were made by conservatives who wanted these officials to subvert democracy and overturn an election their guy lost. The secretary of state and others were following our rules and laws certifying the election. That a wide swath of people on “their” side chose to react with threats of violence in support of Trump’s cult of personality, over our representative democracy, should give all Republicans pause. Maybe it’s time to reconsider what, and who, you support in this great experiment we call America.


A cartoon commentary idea worthy of Mike Luckovich’s skills

There have been many days the last few years (Trump years?) that I’ve felt most of us here in the U.S. are going about our business while watching our nation slowly go up in flames. The cartoon I would draw, if I had Mike Luckovich’s skills, would replace Nero fiddling while Rome burns with Trump fiddling while the U.S. is consumed with rising flames of greed, power, ignorance, coronavirus, poverty and racial injustice. He’s surrounded by Republican senators and their lobbyists, dancing and cheering him on. Peering from behind a wall or plants – Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, and Xi Jinping, smiling hugely. Lying beneath their feet: democracy, decency, people in real need, weary doctors and nurses, and the separation of powers. There are many more aspects of our democracy being stomped on, but I’ve gone on long enough.