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Decision to close downtown hospital is shameful

Allow me to say this: Wellstar had no business buying Atlanta Medical Center or South Fulton Medical. Now, because they cannot turn a profit off the backs of poor Blacks and poor whites, they have decided to close. This is a damn shame. It seems to me there could have been a better outcome. If I had just $1 billion, I would endow Morehouse College, which might then enable them to have their own Morehouse College Medical Center.


Women helped by pregnancy centers also important news

A recent Associated Press story in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Women race deadlines,” (News, Sept. 2) highlighted the plight of some pregnant women living in states with tightening constraints on elective abortions. I’m thankful for articles such as these detailing the encroaching legal timelines many now face when leaning toward the procedure.

However, the AJC, which insists it offers balanced views on important issues, offers nary a sentence - much less an entire article - about the numerous other women and girls facing gut-wrenching pregnancy scenarios but who deeply want to carry their babies to term yet struggle to do so.

Should you not also offer readers insights regarding their lives, anguish, decision-making, and circumstances, including free assistance many receive from crisis pregnancy centers that shepherd them through perhaps the most traumatic time of their lives? Please, some balance.


Trump not the first Republican to mishandle government documents

Seeing a recent political cartoon by Mike Luckovich, with the Republican elephant holding a sign that says, “Imprison Fauci,” while the FBI agents are carrying government documents out of Mar-a-Lago, reminds me why I read The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I enjoy Mike Luckovich’s cartoons, which also balance the conservative cartoons in the AJC.

Left and right are both displayed in the AJC.

While the media reported President Trump taking top-secret documents and the unpatriotic handling of these documents, storing them in a country club in Florida, I remember another Republican shredding government documents.

In 1989, Oliver North was found guilty of obstructing the U.S. Congress, destroying documents and accepting an illegal gratuity, although the convictions were later reversed.


For secure elections, let’s return to hand-marked paper ballots

Guess what, Georgia? Our voting machines have been compromised by operatives acting on behalf of the former president.

Those operatives copied “a trove of data from an election server, ballot scanners and memory cards that store votes.” See “Ga. Inquiry into election breach questioned” (News, Sept. 6).

How can we trust the machines now? Hackers could use this information to alter the results of any future election. Call your state representative and the secretary of state and tell them to demand hand-marked paper ballots this fall. Let’s use something simple we can trust.


Heartfelt thank you to Tim Tucker on his retirement

Bravo and a standing ovation, indeed, to Tim Tucker as he bows from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s stage and into retirement.

His editor and friend, Chris Vivlamore, honored him well Sunday, reminding us of Tucker’s expert devotion to his craft. Fifty years is a long time to do anything at a consistent level, but Tucker did so -- tirelessly, accurately and with incredible dedication.

Thank you, Tim.

We will miss your reporting, your regard for your readers and your incredible talent -- reminding us always that good journalism still matters.